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OurChurch.Com Search Newsletter
November 2006

OCC Launches New Christian Search Engine

Greetings fellow webmasters,

This time of year there is surge Internet activity as people prepare for Christmas. OurChurch.Com has a number of opportunities to help you steer more of that activity to your website - a new Christian search engine, changes to our Christian directory, and a special focus on tools and information for e-commerce. It's a newsletter you want to be sure to read in full.

Please post comments and questions concerning this newsletter in our forums. You can also view this message on the web with color and graphics in our newsletter archives.

1) OCC Launches New Christian Search Engine
2) OCC Christian Directory Gets a Makeover
3) Opportunities for E-commerce Sites
4) New Website Development Service for Businesses
5) Are You Ready for the Christmas Rush?

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Yesterday, OurChurch.Com launched a new Christian search engine powered by Google's custom search engine service. To ensure the integrity of this new Christian search engine, it has been configured to only display results from websites already reviewed for our directory.

The new search engine is an improvement over not just OurChurch.Com's Directory of Christian Websites but over all Christian directories because of the inherent advantages search engines have over directories. First of all, Google’s superior ranking algorithm will provide better, more relevant results. Second, Google’s results also have the advantage of being based on a search of the actual text on each web page, whereas directories are based on a search of a short description submitted by the site owner. Finally, Google has the capability to index every page of a website compared with a directory which includes one entry per site.

During this beta phase, OCC will continue to provide default search results from its directory. OurChurch.Com is asking users to evaluate both its directory and new Google-powered search engine and submit feedback and comments through an online survey.

In addition to launching the new search engine, OurChurch.Com has also updated the appearance of its Directory of Christian Websites. Links have been added on the main page of the directory for each category, giving it more of the look and feel of a directory and helping to distinguish it from the new search engine.

November is E-commerce Month at OurChurch.Com. All this month we've been focusing on helping businesses and ministries better understand e-commerce issues and implement e-commerce solutions more effectively. We have some special offers on hosting. We're giving away an iPod Nano. We've got blog articles and forum discussions on e-commerce issues. There are less than 2 days left in November, but there's still time for you to take advantage of these opportunities.

Earlier this month, OurChurch.Com announced a new, specialized version of our Custom CMS Express website design service - Custom CMS Express for Business. With this new service, you select the design and features you want. OurChurch.Com will install an amazing, interactive CMS, configure it with the features you select, develop a unique design to your specifications, and train you over the phone. Custom CMS Express sites start as low as $998 and can be created in as little as five business days. Whether your business is big or small, an e-commerce or more traditional business, OurChurch.Com can create a custom website that meets your companies unique needs. See how OurChurch.Com can help take your website and your company to the next level.

With Thanksgiving a distant memory except for that extra inch around the waistline, the Christmas season is upon us. While we're all aware of the dramatic increase in activity on e-commerce sites, it is also a time of increased spiritual activity. People are looking online not just for Christmas gifts, but for the Christmas story, Christmas services, Christmas devotionals, and more. Consider adding something for the Christmas season to your website. It's also more important than ever to make sure your listing in our directory is up to date and your site is available in our new search engine.

Thanks for using and listing your site in OurChurch.Com's Directory of Christian Websites. Please post comments and questions concerning this newsletter in our forums.

In His Service,


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