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Church Website Design – Step 1: Start with Why

Written by Paul Steinbrueck

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Welcome to March, or as we call it Church Website Design Month!

Would you like to know how we’ve been designing beautiful, effective church websites for 25 years?

We are going to share our entire custom website design process with you.


Because our mission is to help Christian organizations live out their mission online.

Whether you have us custom design your church website for you, you build your website yourself with our WP-EZ Website Builder, or build your church website somewhere else, by sharing the insight we’ve gained in more than 20 years of church website design experience, we believe we can help your church have a better website.

Ready to get started?

Church Website Design Step 1: Start with Why

We start the first phone call with every church we work with by getting to know the church and helping them to define the goals for their website.

It’s important to define your goals first, because your website’s appearance, organization, content and functionality should all be designed intentionally to help your church website achieve its goals.

What’s the purpose of your church website?

  • To reach out to people in your community looking for a church?
  • To help the people who are a part of your church to get connected and serve?
  • To help people grow their relationship with God?
  • To share the stories of what God is doing in your congregation with your local community?

I pose these as questions because ultimately, your church leaders need to decide and define your website goals. These are questions and possible goals to consider as you do this.

Two additional tips for setting church website goals:

1) Prioritize your goals. It’s ok to have multiple goals for your website – most do. However, it’s important to prioritize your goals, because these priorities will help guide the organization of your pages and your content.

2) Write down your website goals. You will refer back to them throughout the website design process and beyond.

The first step of web design is to define your goals. Every decision after that takes you one step closer to those goals. –Paul Steinbrueck

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We would also love to hear your ideas and perspective on church website design in this month’s Listening Post survey.

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