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How to choose the best church web design

Written by Mark Steinbrueck

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As we continue Church Website Design Month at OurChurch.Com, we are continuing the discussion of the best practices for church web design.

Once you have created your logo and content map, the next step is to decide on the actual design for your website.

In years past, a church would first need to decide if they wanted to have a design custom created for their website or using a premade design (theme/template).  Having a design custom created for their site would give them complete control over all aspects of the design of their site.  It would mean that their design would be completely unique.  However, it would also mean adding significant cost and time to the website building process because you would need to involve a graphic designer and a website developer (cha-ching!).  Using a pre-made theme usually meant cost and time savings but there were limitations to the design quality and features.

However, in the last few years, the quality and features included in pre-made designs have improved dramatically.  In fact, the designs and functionality of pre-made themes have become so good, we have all but eliminated creating designs that are custom made from scratch.

When selecting a church website design, we usually start by asking customers some specific questions about design options, providing some examples of each feature, so the customer can have a visual of what the feature looks like on a working website.

Last month, we listed the top 7 features that your design controls and gave live examples for each.  Click here to read about those features.

Once you have decided on which features you want included in your design, it is time to find a few designs that have all of those features.  There are quite a few companies that specialize in pre-made WordPress themes, but we primarily use the 3 listed below:

I will warn you in advance, the process of sifting through hundreds of design options can be very time consuming, a bit exhausting, and somewhat overwhelming.  One of the many great aspects of OurChurch.Com’s custom website packages is that we do all of that work for you.  After discussing the design features with our your, we find the designs that meet your criteria, and review them with your.  All you need to do is choose.  Doesn’t get much easier than that!

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.  – Steve Jobs

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What are your thoughts on choosing a design for your church website?  Post your comments and questions below.

If you are interested in talking to us about your church website, click here now!  Remember, we have limited spots available for our 60% Off  a Custom Designed Church Website, so act now.

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