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    church marketing strategyWe’ll help people find your church

    Studies show more than half of all people looking for a church start their search online. While other church marketing strategies (billboards, radio, direct mail) try to interrupt people and get their attention, church SEO (search engine optimization) focuses on helping a church connect with people who are searching online for a church in their community.



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    OurChurch.Com developed the first church-specific SEO service, the first multisite church SEO service, and has been helping churches of all sizes and all denominations reach the people in their communities for more than 15 years.



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    We walk with you

    Search engines are constantly changing, and (hopefully) you are constantly updating your website. One-time SEO can improve search rankings temporarily, but eventually those changes to the search engines and your website will cause search rankings to drift back down to where they were. We provide a better church marketing plan, which includes monitoring your website and its search rankings, monthly ranking reports and a church SEO expert who available to answer your questions and help you with any issues that may arise.


    Bottom line: church SEO is how churches reach the people who are seaching. It’s one of the best church outreach ideas and an essential part of church growth strategies.


    “In the first year, I can count between 40-50 new people who joined our church because they visited our website and we were found first. Thank you”

    – Jonathan Gallo
    All People’s Church, Brampton, ON

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