Church Marketing Strategies

Church Marketing Strategies

Is your church struggling to reach people in your community?

Or are you a part of a growing church that wants to reach even more people for Christ?

Are you looking for church marketing and outreach ideas?

church marketing strategies and solutions

Church Marketing is Outreach

First, let’s address the term “church marketing.” If you are put off by the term and are concerned that marketing is secular and consumeristic, we invite you to read: Church Marketing – It’s Not What You Think

Authentic, engaging church marketing isn’t about marketing. It’s about using available tools – including online tools – to introduce people to Christ and his church.

Church Marketing Ideas

Radio, TV, billboards, direct mail, online ads…

Most church marketing strategies are forms of “interruption marketing.” They are all attempts to interrupt what a person is doing, get their attention, and promote something they weren’t previously thinking about.

People are more distracted than ever. It’s extremely difficult to get people’s attention. There are so many ads fired at us every day that we’ve developed “ad blindness.” This is why interruption marketing tactics are less effective than ever before.

It’s time for new church marketing ideas.

The Most Effective Church Marketing Strategy

Instead of interrupting people with messages they don’t want, it’s much more effective to help people find what they’re already looking for.

This is how Google went from a college research project to one of the most valuable companies in the world in 20 years – by helping people find what they’re looking for.

This is why church SEO is the most effective church marketing strategy. It helps people find what they’re looking for, whether that’s a church, a specific ministry, help with a problem, spiritual insight, or Jesus.

Church SEO can also be used to amplify other church marketing strategies you use.

If your church does outreach events, concerts, classes, support groups, online sermons, online devotionals, or podcasts, SEO can help the people find out about what you’re doing.

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