Custom WP-EZ Websites – Fast, Affordable, Custom Websites

Imagine reaching people with a new, custom built website
in days rather than months!

At ¼ the cost of a typical custom-designed website!

Is your current website holding you back?

  • Is your church, ministry or business not reaching as many people as you want?
  • Your website is boring and dated?
  • Are you too busy to build a new website yourself?
  • Finances too tight to pay thousands for a custom-designed site?

We’ve got the website solution that will save you time and money!

OurChurch.Com is your guiding light in the digital realm.

We are Christian and church leaders who understand your heart to follow God’s calling
in your church, ministry or business. We know the unique challenges you face.
With over 25 years of experience, we’ve empowered thousands of Christian churches,
ministries and businesses to thrive online, and we’re here to empower yours.

  • 25+ years providing Christian website services
  • Exclusive WP-EZ Church Website Builder
  • Served thousands of organizations big and small
  • Top rated customer support

A Custom WP-EZ Website Is the Perfect Hybrid Solution

We use our award winning WP-EZ Website Builder to build you a beautiful new website. Because we build your website, it saves you hours of work. Because we use our WP-EZ Website Builder, we can do it for 1/4 of the cost of a typical custom-designed website.

  • Cost is just $499 for a website of up to 5 pages.
  • After the first 5 pages, it’s $80/page.
  • We do all the work!

Or Choose Custom WP-EZ+ for Maintenance & No Setup Fee

  • Build a 5-page Custom WP-EZ site for you ($499 value)
  • WP-EZ Theme Personalization service ($199 value)
  • 30 minutes/month website maintenance ($40/mo value)
  • Bronze hosting package ($17.90/mo value)

All for only $79/mo (no setup fee, 1 year commitment).

You can have a great website that connects you with more people in 3 easy steps:


  1. Order a Custom WP-EZ Website.
  2. Choose your website theme.
  3. We call you to get all the info we need to build your new website for you.

Ready to ignite growth and reach your full potential?

Check out some of the Custom WP-EZ Websites We’ve Built!

What are people saying about Custom WP-EZ?

Erica did an amazing job redesigning our website to be relevant and engaging to potential guests who are our future members. Thank you OCC for helping us to fulfill our mission to make disciples and serve our community! -Pastor Sean, Advent Presbyterian Church

Thank you so much for fitting us in with all your work and I truly appreciate your hard work! It looks great! -David Sullivan, Grace Bible Church, Oakland, Maine

What will your organization and its website look like next month?

Do nothing and you will still be…

  • Frustrated with your website
  • Missing the people you could be helping
  • A shrinking or stagnating ministry or business

Or order a Custom WP-EZ Website today and you’ll be…

  • Excited about your amazing, user-friendly website
  • Reaching people your community
  • Growing your ministry or business