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Christian Advertising Ideas

Are you looking for Christian advertising ideas?

Are you looking for Christian online advertising to reach a Christian audience?

Are you looking for Christian ads that really work and help you reach your goals?

Christian Advertising Ideas

What is Christian Advertising?

When people think about Christian advertising, some think of big ads in Christian magazines like Christianity Today. These Christian ads can be very expensive, are often overlooked, and difficult to track their effectiveness.

Other people think Christian advertising is online graphic ads on a popular Christian website with Christian news, articles, or Bible study tools. The problem with these ads is we have developed “ad blindness” and usually skip right over them without even seeing them.

Wouldn’t it be great if instead of trying to interrupt people with Christian ads, there was a way to get information about your ministry or business in front of Christians at the exact moment when they were looking for the specific products or services you provide?

Christian SEO is the new Christian Advertising (but better!)

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving a website’s relevance and authority for specific keywords, so that when people search Google and other search engines for those keywords, information and links to that website are displayed in the search results.

The advantage Christian SEO has over the old Christian magazine ads and Christian online advertising, is you’re not interrupting people who are trying to read about or do something else. You are getting your information to them at the exact time they are searching for it.

The other benefit SEO has over other Christian advertising ideas, is you can better track results. With SEO reports, you know exactly what your website ranks for each keyword, and you know exactly how many people have visited your website because they found it through an online search.

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