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Get in front of more prospective parents with Christian school marketing!

Are you struggling to reach enrollment goals?

SEO for schools - Christian school marketing for Christian schools

  • Low enrollment is causing financial hardship
  • Your school doesn’t get enough inquiries from prospective parents
  • Your school doesn’t have a great online reputation (reviews)
  • You don’t have time for Christian school marketing

You deserve to fill up your classrooms and give students a great Christian education!

OurChurch.Com Will Help You Get In Front of More Parents.

We understand you need high enrollment, but that can be difficult if prospective
parents can’t find your school online. We have over 25 years of experience
empowering thousands of businesses, ministries, and churches to thrive online
with beautiful websites and search marketing. This includes many Christian schools
we have helped to grow with SEO and other Christian school marketing.

Our search marketing experts will help you reach
more parents and fill up your classes!

Check out how one school went from a poor reputation and low enrollment to wait-lists for nearly every grade!

Bayshore Christian School is a remarkable Christian school in Tampa, FL. They have a strong commitment to providing quality education with a focus on Christian values.

Unfortunately, they had little online presence so many parents didn’t know about them. Even worse, they had some negative online reviews which were giving a false impression to the parents who did find their school. This led to low enrollment.

OurChurch.Com’s search marketing experts worked with Bayshore to create a plan to improve their online reputation and increase their online presence Christian school marketing, including SEO for their school. The effects were amazing!


  1. Greatly improved ratings on with reviews increasing by 87%
  2. Enhanced ratings on to 4.33 out of 5
  3. Greater Rankings and Visibility, including 38 #1 rankings
  4. Increased Online Traffic with search traffic growing by over 154%

This brought about amazing real-world results.

  1. Full enrollment and a waitlist for several grades
  2. Increased inquiries and applications, with applications increasing 133%
  3. Enhanced relevance and specificity of inquiries
  4. Increased Google Maps interactions

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You can have great results, too!

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See what people are saying about our Christian School Marketing:

“It’s easy to get lost in cyberspace these days. OurChurch.Com worked hard to get us to show up well in search engines and helped us to get positive reviews from parents. Having OurChurch.Com’s expertise and help is very important for us. Their cost is very reasonable compared to other companies and we really appreciate that they are sensitive to the needs of churches and schools.”

– Jane Lauer – Director of Admissions, Lutheran High School South

“OurChurch.Com’s search marketing made it easier for people to find our school on the web. When you search for private schools in our area our school comes right up. People could look at our website (designed by OurChurch.Com) and half the time parents were ready to sign-up before they had even toured the school.”

– Jennifer Snow – Principal, Family of Christ Elementary and Middle School

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