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OurChurch.Com School Marketing Can Help

School marketing planWe’ll help parents and students to find you

Studies have shown that 60-80% of all people looking for a school start their search online. While other school marketing strategies rely on interrupting people and getting their attention, search engine optimization (SEO) helps the people already searching for a school find you. It’s an essential, effective part of any private school marketing plan.


school marketing strategy

We’ll help you get new students

We’ll help more parents to find your school and help to make them more likely to request a tour and enroll their child.



school marketing ideas

We’ll walk with you

Websites and SEO for schools are things that need to be managed and monitored. We’ll do that for you. We’ll stay with you over the months and years to make sure everything continues to go well, you maintain your online presence, and you continue to bring in new students.



“Parents were ready to sign up half the time before they had even walked around the school.”

– Jennifer Snow

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