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Bayshore Christian School SEO Case Study

marketing for christian schools case study
Written by Paul Steinbrueck

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Bayshore Christian School is a remarkable Christian school in Tampa, FL. They have a strong commitment to providing quality education with a focus on Christian values.

The Problem:

Their online presence in the search engines was not strong. This meant many parents searching for Christians and private schools in Tampa weren’t finding Bayshore. Even worse, their reputation faced a significant challenge due to previous issues from the past that resulted in negative online reviews on influential platforms like and The issues had been fixed, but the reviews remained giving a false reputation of this excellent school.

The Path to Success:
Recognizing the impact of the lower rankings and the negative reviews on enrollment, Bayshore Christian School sought the assistance of OurChurch.Com, a trusted partner specializing in local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Reputation Management Services. With a shared determination to turn the tide, Bayshore Christian School and OurChurch.Com embarked on a transformative journey.

Together, we carefully evaluated Bayshore’s existing online reputation, examining the ratings, reviews, and their direct influence on enrollment numbers. This included noting that Google no longer allows people to post reviews to schools’ Google Business Profiles. So, we would need to focus on other websites like and, the two most influential review sites for schools. also performed an SEO Audit, did keyword research, and examined their local citations to determine strategies to improve rankings. We found blogging and linking opportunities to increase the school’s authority in the search engines and found more ways to be helpful and informative for prospective parents.

Armed with this valuable insight, we devised a customized strategy to rejuvenate their online presence and attract prospective parents who would appreciate Bayshore’s exceptional educational offerings.

OurChurch.Com’s dedicated team optimized their website for the search engines, created helpful blogging content, and initiated a proactive campaign to engage the parents of Bayshore’s current students. We emphasized the importance of the parents’ voices and encouraged them to share their positive experiences and testimonials. As passionate ambassadors for the school, these parents became instrumental in reshaping Bayshore’s online reputation.

The impact was astounding!


  1. Greatly improved ratings on Bayshore Christian School’s rating on saw a significant improvement with their rating increasing to 4.2 (out of 5). The number of reviews increased 87%, reflecting a substantial boost in positive feedback from parents.
  2. Enhanced ratings on Bayshore Christian School’s rating on increased to 4.33 out of 5 with the number of reviews rising 18%. This provided a more accurate and positive representation of the school’s quality and reputation.
  3. Greater Rankings and Visibility: Bayshore’s rankings for terms like, “Christian schools in Tampa” and “private schools in Tampa”, started to dominate the search results with nearly 70 top ten rankings, including 38 #1 rankings.
  4. Increased Online Traffic: Organic search traffic grew by over 154%. This means more parents were finding Bayshore, more parents looking to send their children to a Christian school.

The transformation didn’t stop there. Bayshore Christian School’s greater rankings brought more parents into contact with them and their renewed reputation resonated with prospective parents, who were now drawn to the school’s positive online presence. This brought about amazing real-world results.

  1. Full enrollment: The efforts to improve the school’s online reputation had a direct and tangible impact on the following year’s enrollment. Bayshore Christian School transitioned from struggling to fill classes to having every class filled, with some even having a waiting list.
  2. Increased inquiries and applications: The results of the reputation management campaign were evident in the numbers. Inquiries for the upcoming school year rose from 189 to 278, showcasing a 47% increase. Additionally, the number of applications surged from 55 to 128, marking a substantial 133% rise. Bayshore indicated that many of the prospective parents specifically mentioned the positive online reviews.
  3. Enhanced relevance and specificity of inquiries: The quality of inquiries also improved, with prospective parents demonstrating a higher level of relevance and specificity in their communication. This indicated a greater interest and alignment with the values and educational offerings of Bayshore Christian School.
  4. Growing waiting list and Google Maps interactions: The positive impact continued to unfold as Bayshore Christian School experienced a growing waiting list with 60 individuals. Google Maps messages from prospective parents also increased, further solidifying the positive perception and interest in the school.

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Bayshore Christian School‘s success story serves as a testament to the power of OurChurch.Com’s Local SEO and Reputation Management Services. By effectively increasing search presence and managing online reputation, we helped Bayshore overcome their challenges, attract prospective parents, and elevate their enrollment to new heights.

If you too are facing reputation challenges or struggling to attract prospective parents to your educational institution, OurChurch.Com’s marketing for christian schools and Reputation Management Services are here to help. Together, we can reshape your online presence, harness the power of positive reviews, and guide your institution toward a future filled with growth, success, and a thriving enrollment.

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