Church Growth Strategies

Church Growth Strategies

Is your church struggling to reach the people in your community?

Looking for church growth strategies and ideas?

Or are you a part of a growing church that wants to reach even more people?

church growth strategies

OurChurch.Com Church Growth Strategies Can Help

Studies show more than half of all people looking for a church start their search online.

While other church growth strategies try to interrupt people and get their attention (billboards, radio, direct mail), church SEO (search engine optimization) focuses on helping you connect with people who are already searching online for a church in their community.

Are you encouraging personal invitations or planning church outreach events?

Great! Most people invited to a church service or outreach event will search for the church online before deciding whether to visit. So, church SEO is vital for these church growth strategies to reach their full potential.

What Is Church SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) encompasses all the strategies and tactics to make your church website highly relevant and highly authoritative for the keywords your target audience is using to search for your church and its ministries.

Church SEO includes:

  • Fixing technical problems that block or hinder search engines
  • On-page optimization
  • Creating, verifying, and optimizing local/maps listings and citations
  • Monitoring search rankings, website traffic, and changes to pages
  • Diagnosing and fixing issues that cause drops in rankings and traffic

Why OurChurch.Com Church SEO?

In 2005, our team launched the first SEO service developed specifically for churches. Later we developed the first multisite church SEO service. We have been helping churches of all sizes and all Christian denominations reach the people in their communities ever since.

There are a lot of secular SEO companies out there, but few understand the specific challenges churches face, even fewer understand Christian terms and language needed to write and optimize web pages, and almost none share our passion for Christ and His church.

You won’t find a team with more church SEO experience or expertise anywhere on the planet!

Church Growth Strategies for the Long Haul

Search engines are constantly changing, and (hopefully) you are constantly updating your website. A one-time SEO service can improve search rankings temporarily, but eventually changes to the search engines and your website will cause search rankings to drift back down to where they were.

We provide a better church SEO service that provides lasting results. It includes monitoring your website for changes, reviewing monthly search ranking reports, and a church SEO expert who is available to answer your questions and help you with any issues that may arise.

What are people saying about our Church Growth Strategies?

christian seo services testimonial - Greg CrockerYou can find people that do SEO, and people that understand church, but very rarely a thorough knowledge of both. -Pastor, Dr. Greg Crocker, Crosspointe Church, Sanger, CA

christian seo testimonial - Beverly LeasherI offer my highest recommendation to OurChurch.Com. They have a keen grasp of developing an effective strategy of search engine optimization efforts. -Beverly Leasher, North Way Christian Community, Pittsburgh, PA

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