Multisite Church SEO

multisite church SEO mapMultisite churches have a unique challenge when it comes to search engines.

If you are a part of a multisite church, you want to show visitors you are one unified church, therefore you probably have just one website.

However, you also want each individual campus shown in the search results and each campus ranking well for the specific city or neighborhood it’s in.

Two Types of Search Listings

To better grasp the challenge, it’s important to understand that search engines know when a person is searching for something local and they display two types of listings on the search results page – local listings and general listings.

Take a look below at the Google search results page for “church in Tampa” to see the local search listings and the general search listings.

multisite church SEO search results

Local listings are typically located next to a map.  The information for these local search listings is supplied by the organizations themselves.  For example, if a church wants to appear in the local section of the Google search results, a representative of the church has to create and verify a Google Business Profile (GBP).  No GBP, no listing.

General listings are the types of listings shown for any type of search – local or non-local.  The information for general listings is automatically gleaned by search engines from the organization’s website.  No website, no listing.

The search engine optimization needed for local listings is completely different from the search engine optimization needed for general listings.

  • To get local listings that rank well, multisite churches need to create, verify and optimize local listings for each campus.
  • To get general listings that rank well, multisite churches need to optimize pages of their website for each campus.

OurChurch.Com’s Multisite Church SEO Services

multisite church SEO serviceOurChurch.Com was the first organization to offer church SEO services, and has been helping multisite churches with SEO for more than a decade. Our Christian SEO experts are uniquely qualified to help you and your multisite church to rank well with both local listings and general listings for all of your campuses.

We guarantee results!

And best of all, you’ll be encouraged by working with our team of believers who treat you like our brother or sister in Christ.

I offer my highest recommendation to OurChurch.Com.  They have a keen grasp of developing n effective strategy of search engine optimization. –Beverly Leasher, North Way Christian Community (6 locations in the Pittsburgh area)

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