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This Should Direct Your Church Website Design

Written by Mark Steinbrueck

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As we announced yesterday, it’s Church Website Design Month at OurChurch.Com.  During March, we will be talking about all the various aspects that impact your church website design.

As we explained in yesterday’s article, church website design starts by defining the goals for your website. Once you know its goals, where do you go from there?

Select colors?  Determine the style of the design? Just start looking through themes until you find one you like?


The design of your website starts with your church logo design.

The logo for your church will be used on all kinds of communication:  Posters, business cards, bulletins, outdoor signage, flyers, church vans/buses, and your website. Because the logo will be used is so many places, it is important that the logo will work well in promoting your brand, no matter what form of communication is being used.

It is also important to have the logo created before you start your designing your website because the logo’s colors and style will impact the colors and style of your church website.

So if you have a logo that is current and you are happy with, then that logo can help determine your website design. However, if you are a new church, a church that doesn’t have a logo, or a church that is in need of a logo redesign, you should address the logo first, then address your website design.

When creating a logo, it is important to include the following 4 steps in the process:

  1. Get input from key decision makers but don’t extend the input getting to everyone in the organization.  It is good to get 2-3 people’s input so you aren’t going solo in the logo design process but remember, too many cooks spoil the broth…
  2. Look at other logos and find a few that you like.  You don’t want to copy anyone’s logo, but sometimes it is helpful to look at other logos to figure out which styles you like and which you don’t like. Additionally, it can be helpful to have some logos you like that you can show to the designer so they have a point of reference.
  3. Speak with the designer.  The web is a great tool.  It allows us to access information and communicate with people that would have been impossible without it.  However, it can also make things very impersonal.  It is vital to speak with someone that you understand, who understands you when you go through the logo creation process.
  4. Get the logo in formats that will work in all of your communication (posters, business cards, bulletins, outdoor signage, flyers, church vans/buses, and your website).  You should receive the logo in various sizes, with a transparent background, and multiple file formats (jpg, png, and pdf).

Your logo design should determine your website design. – Mark Steinbrueck

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