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An Easter Revelation

Written by Paul Steinbrueck

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How was Easter with your church?

I hope it was awesome!

I hope your gatherings or services glorified God, people heard the Good News of Jesus’ resurrection, and God revealed himself in powerful ways.

I also hope God has revealed some things through your church’s Easter communications.

Our blogging this month has focused on Easter – preparing your church website for Easter, doing church SEO for Easter, preparing to tell stories and follow-up after Easter.

Now that Easter is behind us, what have you learned from your Easter communication? And what changes do you want to make.


  • What aspects of your Easter communication worked well? How can you build on them?
  • What aspects of your communication didn’t work well? How can you improve on them?
  • Have you reviewed your Analytics since Easter?
  • Have you reviewed your communication cards?
  • Have you debriefed with your team?

3 Easter Communication Revelations

1) Church Website – If your website experienced an increase in traffic in the week leading up to Easter but you didn’t see many visitors to your Easter services, that’s an indication you did some great things to get people to your website, but there are likely problems with your website. Perhaps it’s outdated, hard to navigate or not mobile friendly, and needs to be fixed or redesigned.

And if you’re not yet using the Plan Your Visit strategy, that’s something to consider.

2) Church SEO – If analytics indicate your website got lots of visitors from search, that’s awesome – your website is probably well optimized and your local listings well established. If you didn’t get many visitors from organic search, that’s an indication your website doesn’t rank well in search engines and SEO is an area that needs work.

3) Church Social Media – If analytics indicate your website didn’t get many visitors from social media, consider stepping up your social media engagement. If you put a lot of effort into social media but your analytics still show not many people visited your website from social, it’s probably time to re-evaluate your social media strategy.

If you don’t have any analytics and/or communication cards to evaluate, then perhaps your next step is to get those things going so you have a better idea of your strengths to build on and weaknesses to work on next time.

God speaks to our hearts through his Word. He also speaks to our minds through data and the insight of others.

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Comment and Discuss

  • What did God reveal to you this Easter?  (Spiritually or in your communications)

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