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22 Mother’s Day Ideas for Church Outreach (events and online)

22 Mother's Day Ideas for Church Outreach
Written by Paul Steinbrueck

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Mother’s Day is a special day celebrated worldwide to honor the mothers and mother figures in our lives. It’s also the 3rd highest attended church service of the year after Easter and Christmas Eve.

As church leaders, it is an excellent opportunity to reach out to the community and show love to the mothers in our congregation and beyond.

Here are 14 Church Outreach Ideas for Mother’s Day.

1. Mother’s Day Service. Plan a special Mother’s Day service to celebrate and honor mothers. Include special music, scripture readings, and a message that honors the role of mothers in our lives.

2. Mother’s Day Brunch. Host a Mother’s Day brunch for the mothers in your church and community. Serve delicious food, offer a time of fellowship, and create an environment where mothers feel appreciated.

3. Mother’s Day Cards. Encourage children and adults to create Mother’s Day cards to give to their mothers, grandmothers, or other mother figures in their lives. You could even have a card-making station set up after the service.

4. Mother’s Day Gift Bags. Create Mother’s Day gift bags filled with goodies and distribute them to mothers in your church or community.

5. Mother’s Day Photo Booth. Set up a photo booth where mothers and their families can take pictures to commemorate the day. Have props available to make it extra fun!

6. Mother’s Day Devotional. Create a Mother’s Day devotional that can be shared with mothers to encourage and uplift them.

7. Mother’s Day Tea. Host a Mother’s Day tea (perhaps the day before Mother’s Day) for mothers and their daughters or friends. Serve tea, light refreshments, and provide a time of fellowship.

8. Mother’s Day Movie Night. Host a movie night the Friday or Saturday before Mother’s Day and show a family-friendly movie that celebrates mothers.

9. Spa Day for Moms. Host a spa day where mothers can be pampered and relaxed. Offer massages, manicures, and other spa treatments. Alternatively, you could give away gift certificates for a spa day to special moms (e.g. oldest mom, newest mom, mom w the most kids)

10. Mother’s Day Sunday School. Create a special Sunday school lesson for children that focuses on the importance of mothers and the biblical examples of motherhood.

11. Support a Women’s Center. Does your community have a local women’s center that provides ultrasounds and support for expectant mothers, or baby supplies for new mothers? Raise funds or collect items for donations for your local women’s center.

12 Launch New Groups for Moms. Mother’s Day is a great opportunity to announce new ministries for mothers like a a preschooler play group, bible study for moms while their kids are in school, or a class for parents of teens.

13. Mother’s Day Out.
 Offer free or inexpensive child care at the church, so moms can have some time to themselves, with their friends, or to shop without kids.

14. Mother’s Day Corsages. The youth group could sell and assemble Mother’s Day Corsages as a fundraiser and distribute them before services on Mother’s Day.

8 Mother’s Day Online Outreach Ideas

1. Create a Landing Page. Create a dedicated landing page on your church website that provides all the details of your Mother’s Day services and events. This page should be easy to navigate, and the information should be displayed prominently.

2. Utilize Social Media. Social media is an effective way to reach out to your community and promote your Mother’s services and events. Utilize platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to create posts and share information about your Mother’s Day services and events.

3. Ask Your Congregation to Utilize Social media.  Posting info to the church’s social media profiles will only reach so many people. If you really want to maximize your social media reach, get the people of your church fired up and excited about sharing your church’s social media posts.

4. Share Testimonials. Share testimonies from members of your congregation about the impact that their Mother has had on their life. Or testimonies from mothers on the impact God has had on their family. These testimonials can be shared on social media and on your website to help promote your Mother’s Day services and events.

5. Email/Blog Devotionals. We suggested giving away physical Mother’s Day devotionals in #6. An alternative would be to invite people to subscribe to receive daily devotionals via email.

6) Use Graphics and Videos. Create graphics and/or promotional videos for your Easter services and events. These visuals can be shared in your services, on your website, on social media and via email to catch the attention of your audience.

7) Use Online Advertising. Consider using online advertising to promote your Mother’s Day services and events. Platforms like Google Ads and Facebook Ads can be used to target specific audiences and promote your Mother’s Day services and events.

8) Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Make sure people can find your church and Mother’s Day events when they search online. For help with that check out The Ultimate Guide to Church SEO

And if you’d like some help with church web design and church SEO so you can have your best Mother’s Day outreach ever, click or fill out the form below to schedule a call.

Forsake not your mother’s teaching, for they are a graceful garland for your head and pendants for your neck. –Proverbs 1:8-9

22 Mother's Day Ideas for Church Outreach

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