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I Couldn’t Believe My Eyes! But There it Was, Headed Right at Me…

Written by Mark Steinbrueck

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… I stood with a paralyzing fear, unable to run or even get out of it’s path…

Ok, from the example above, maybe I’m not the best storyteller.  However, we all love stories.  That is why books and movies are so successful: They tell stories.  And before books and movies, people would gather in villages, around fires, and tell stories.  Even Jesus demonstrated the power of storytelling.

Why do we love stories?

Stories are engaging.  We identify with the characters in the the stories. Stories help us understand life and how the universe we live in works. Plus, good stories evoke feelings of joy, sadness, anticipation, fear, and other emotions.

So what is your website doing to tell stories?

People may visit your website looking for logistical details about your organization and its upcoming events. But they are also looking for people and a God to connect with. They want to know that your church or ministry includes people like them, and they want to know how God is using your church or ministry to impact people.

The week after Easter is a great time to tell stories on your church website. 

Post videos and pictures of the events that happened over the Easter weekend.  And because Easter is all about new life in Christ, post a story (or two, three…) of people in your church, their journey, and how the Church helped them draw closer to our risen Savior.

These real life stories are what people will identify with.  Although video is usually the most effective method of story telling, these stories don’t have to be video.  They can be written stories with a photo of the person who shared their story.

Storytelling is the single most powerful form of human communication. –Peg Neuhauser

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