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1) Homosexuality and Oneness Policies
2) Advertise for Less
3) Worms and Hijackers

Over the last year we have received a number of emails asking what our policy is regarding sites that promote homosexuality and sites that do not believe in the Trinity but rather that the Father, Son, and Spirit are all names for Jesus/God. As a result we have clarified our position on these two issues on our Statement of Faith page.

Homosexuality - OurChurch.Com believes the Bible is clear that God designed sex to be enjoyed within the confines of a marriage between one man and one woman. We therefore do not include sites that promote homosexuality or promote heterosexual sex outside of marriage as acceptable. A local church or other organization affiliated with a denomination that permits homosexual clergy such as the Episcopal Church will not be included in OCC's search engine unless they specifically state on their website that they disagree with their denomination's stance on the issue.

Oneness - OurChurch.Com believes the Bible clearly describes God as a Trinity - existing in three distinct persons - the Father, the Son (Jesus), and the Holy Spirit. We also realize that many aspects of God's nature including His omnipotence, omniscience, holiness, and tri-unity are beyond human understanding. Therefore, we accept into our search engine Christian websites that hold to the "oneness" doctrine - believing the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are all the same God-person - as long as they do not denounce the concept of the trinity or proclaim that belief in the triune God makes one unacceptable to God.

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There has been a dramatic increase recently in the number of computer users affected by worms and hijacking agents. See our forums for discussion and tips on how to avoid the Sasser worm and combat computer hijackers.

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