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25 Stories From 25 Years

Written by Paul Steinbrueck

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2022 marks 25 years that OurChurch.Com has been helping Christian organizations live out their mission online.  Woohoo!

To celebrate we’re doing blog series called “25 Stories From 25 Years” in which we share two stories each month from organizations we’ve worked with over the years, past and present…

25 Stories From 25 Years

1) Partnering with OurChurch.Com has been extremely vital to the success of our web ministry. -Jonathan Johnson, Grace Baptist Church in Tyler, TX.  Read and watch Grace Baptist Church’s story.

2) The results have been amazing! Our web traffic has increased significantly which has turned into a lot of new business! -Kevin Shipp, Grand Vista Pools in Trinity, FL. Read and watch Grand Vista Pools’ story.

3) People can go to Google and we come up immediately as one of the Christian schools in the Tampa area which has been a huge benefit. -Jennifer Snow, Family of Christ Christian School in Tampa, FL.  Read and watch How One Christian School Doubled Enrollment Using Online Marketing

4) [OurChurch.Com] takes all of the guess work out of [our website], because we’re good carpenters, terrible website people. -Chris Haas, Haas Brothers Custom Staircases, Odessa, FL. Read and watch more: How Did This Old School Business Saw Their Way Into The Modern Era?

5) has made website building and administration a breeze. -Kim Morris, Bethel Baptist Church, Prospect, NY. Read Church says, “Let the professionals handle it!”

6) We are so satisfied with our new digital look and feel it represents us as we go forward. Thank you, OurChurch! -Jaime Albaugh, First Church Middleton, OH. Read Web Design Spotlight: First United Methodist Church, Middletown, OH

7) The website by has been a blessing to the church in so many ways. It helped us navigate through the Covid-19 pandemic event. -Pastor Tom Durrance, Wimauma Church of God, FL. Read “Website helped us navigate the pandemic.”

8) You can find people that do SEO, and people that understand church, but very rarely a thorough knowledge of both. -Pastor, Dr. Greg Crocker, Crosspointe Church, Sanger, CA. Read Marketing Spotlight: Crosspointe Church

9) With the help of our website… we have increased enrollment by 23 students this school year. -Justin Gingrich, Ignite Academy, Palm Harbor, FL. Read New Website Helps Ignite Academy Dramatically Increase Enrollment

10) SEO is like landscaping… the initial work has the most noticeable impact, but if you don’t do routine maintenance, the results of the initial work will be lost.  Read Search Marketing Case Study: The Value of Ongoing SEO Management

11) Guest blog articles produced on average an 8 place improvements in search results in Google and Google Mobile and 16 place improvements in Bing. Read Nonprofit Improves Search Rankings with Guest Blog Articles

12) OurChurch.Com enabled me to reach all the countries of the world. -Makko Musagara, dStrengthening of Souls in All Nations. Read “OurChurch.Com enabled me to reach all the countries of the world”

13) Search engine optimization: you need to have it, it’s well worth it, and they [OurChurch.Com] do it right. -Jack Scalfani, Knott Avenue Christian Church, Anaheim, CA.  Read Case Study: Church Growth Through Search Growth

14) There’s no better way to improve search rankings than creating great content, and there are no shortcuts to great content.  Read How This Church in San Diego Went to #3 in Google

More stories being added every month…

Thank you God!  And thanks to the thousands of Christian organizations who have trusted us with their websites and search marketing over the last 25 years!

Has OurChurch.Com impacted your Christian church, ministry or business?  We would love to hear your story either in writing or, even better, in a short video testimonial, and possibly publish it as one of the 25 Stories. For more details, check out Your Story Matters. We’ll Reward You for Telling It.

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