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“OurChurch.Com enabled me to reach all the countries of the world.”

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Written by Paul Steinbrueck

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OurChurch.Com’s mission is to help Christian organizations live out their mission online. So, we love to be able to share stories with you of how God has been at work in our clients’ lives and ministries. That’s what our 25 Stories from 25 Years series is all about.

Today’s story is from Makko Musagara, director of Strengthening of Souls in All Nations.

OCC: Tell us a little about your organization

SSAN: Strengthening of Souls in All Nations, was formed after a supernatural experience I had with the Lord in 1991. In this experience, the Lord showed me the significance of the Lord’s Prayer in preventing temptations and trials. The Lord assigned me to take the message of the Lord’s Prayer to all the nations of the world.

OCC: Describe the situation you were facing before you contacted OurChurch.Com.

SSAN: First of all, in my country, Uganda, I failed to find a web hosting company that had a Christian background.

Secondly, I could not find a company that had web designs that could impress the world.

And third, since I wanted my websites to be protected from hackers and malicious people, I failed to find a company in my country that had secure services.

I contacted a Ugandan friend who had come to the U.S.A. for advanced studies in laboratory work and I explained to him my problem. After a week he sent me an email recommending OurChurch.com to me.

OCC: What did OurChurch.Com do for you and what was your experience like working with our team?

SSAN: OurChurch.com designed for me very good websites in English (https://preventsatan.com/), French (https://empechersatan.com/) and Spanish (https://evitarquesatanas.com/). I was very impressed by the way Ourchurch.com designed these three websites because I could translate my English articles into French and Spanish with so much ease.

Because I was satisfied with the expertise of OurChurch.com, I asked them to design for me the Italian website (https://preveniresatana.com/), the Portuguese website
(https://vencendosatanas.com/), and a website that would enable me to share God’s message and write blog articles in 17 other international languages (https://victoryoversatan.com/).

All these websites were professionally done, and they are still active. They have helped me to convey the message of the Lord’s Prayer to all the countries of the world.

I was also very much impressed by the Ourchurch.com technical and customer care teams. They have always been quick in responding to any query I had.

OCC: What impact has this had on your organization?

SSAN: OurChurch.Com enabled me to reach all the countries of the world. A few weeks ago I was surprised to get an email from a remote country called Fiji. The sender was responding to a blog article I wrote about marriage issues. She wanted me to pray for her marriage.

Also recently I got a WhatsApp message from a reader in Canada informing me that he/she had read a lot of revelations from my websites.

Four weeks ago I got a message from a reader from a Spanish-speaking country who wanted me to add his email to my list because he/she found my articles very useful.

I get many messages like these.

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OCC: What would you say to a leader who was considering having OurChurch.Com build a website for their organization?

I advise any leader who is considering OurChurch.com build their website to waste no time in making the decision.

Go ahead and sign the agreement because OurChurch.com has an excellent technical, as well as a responsible customer care team. You will not be disappointed.

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