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“Website helped us navigate the pandemic.”

church website design - story of Wimauma Church of God, Wimauma, FL
Written by Paul Steinbrueck

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We talked earlier this month about the power of stories, and how the weeks after Easter are a great opportunity for churches to share stories of what God did in your Easter services and other events.

Well, in this article, we continue to follow our own advice as we share another story of how God has been at work through OurChurch.Com and our clients.

Today’s story is from Tom Durrance, pastor of Wimauma Community Church of God, in Wimauma, Florida, a little south of Tampa.   

OCC: Tell us a little about your organization

WCOG: The Wimauma Community Church of God is an evangelical Pentecostal church with its international administrative offices based in Cleveland, Tennessee. The Wimauma Community Church is a multi-cultural church that has open doors to all peoples. 

OCC: Describe your situation or the main problem you were facing before you contacted OurChurch.Com.

As a church that was in the process of new growth, we struggled withour website. We recognized that we were behind with the changing tide of technology. The website for one, did not project our vision. Secondly, the younger generation that was attending the church was asking about on-line giving and social media connections. Thirdly, our website was not appealing and was not easy to navigate. 

Our problem, however, was not having an in-house person with the technical ability to do the things that we needed done. So with this looming over our head, we begin to search for someone or an organization that could help us achieve our goals but to do so within our limited budget. 

OCC: What did our team do for Wimauma COG, and what was your experience like?

In our quest for website help, we came across OurChurch.Com. We made an initial call and was put in contact with Mark Steinbrueck. Meeting Mark was truly inspirational as we discussed a way to design and implement a website that would be modern in style, yet functional and easy to navigate. Mark was a blessing to us and his guidance with patience was very important for the completion of the project. 

We would also note that the technical support is awesome. Deborah Serrano is always responsive to our emails and she makes sure that the website is the best it can be.

OCC: Describe the impact OurChurch.Com has had on your church.

The website by has been a blessing to the church in so many ways. It helped us navigate through the Covid-19 pandemic event. People were able to go on-line for their giving and donations. The website was important as the communication hub with the congregation. 

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The flexibility of updating the website was very important in keeping the congregation up-to date. I’m not sure what would have happened if we did not have a reliable website through those harsh times.

OCC: What would you say to a church leader who was considering building a new website for their church?

If anyone is looking for a web designer/host to meet their needs, we would highly recommend knows that if you are successful, then they are successful. 

It’s worth noting that Pastor Durrance and his church had foresight to get their new website built BEFORE the COVID pandemic began, and that was a life-saver!

I stress this because you never know when your organization will face a crisis or an amazing opportunity. You want to be prepared for both.

Visit the Wimauma CoG website at:

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