Church says, “Let the professionals handle it!”

church website design - story of Bethel Baptist Church, Prospect, NY
Written by Paul Steinbrueck

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March is Church Website Design month at OurChurch.com, and as a part of our 25 Stories from 25 Years blog series, we thought would share some of the stories of how OurChurch.Com has helped churches better live out their mission online with better websites.

Kim Morris of Bethel Baptist Church in Prospect, NY recently shared with us a little bit of their story through this interview-style conversation.

OCC: Tell us a little about Bethel Baptist Church

BBC: Bethel is a country church with a big heart for Jesus. There is no other church in our area quite like us! The Bethel family strives to live and to live like Jesus. Our desire is to grow in our relationship with Jesus and with the community God has called us to serve.

OCC: Describe your situation or the main problem you were facing before you contacted OurChurch.Com.

BBC: We decided to reach out to OurChurch.Com after months of trying to keep our website up-to-date, modern in its appearance, and easy to navigate. We knew with our mission to reach our community along with the technology of today, having a website that had high search rankings was critical to meeting that goal.

OCC: What did our team do for Bethel, and what was your experience like?

BBC: OurChurch.com has made website building and administration a breeze. We simply provide the information needed and they do all of the work. In the rare occasion we need help, Mark and Deborah are easy to contact when we need support.

OCC: Describe the impact OurChurch.Com has had on Bethel Baptist Church.

BBC: Our website is easy to navigate and is high on the search rankings. Just click send on an email and any changes that need to be made are completed!

OCC: What would you say to a church leader who was considering building a new website for their church?

In weighing the cost of staff completing all that is done on our website versus the work being completed by OurChurch.Com, we have found that we actually save money and time! Let the professionals handle it!

Bethel has our Custom Express Website package, which means we created a custom-designed website for them, and they paid nothing up front for it. That package also includes a free redesign every 3 years.

Additionally, Bethel has a content maintenance package, which they use to have us post their Sunday sermon to their website and make other updates to their website.

Check out their website at BBCProspect.com!

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