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Building an Ark was Effortless

Effortless Christian web design Ark
Written by Paul Steinbrueck

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When Noah built the ark it was a monumental project that took a lot of hard work.

Earlier this year we teamed up with Kathy Carter, founder of Ark Christian Publishing, to build a new website. The word Kathy used to describe this project was the complete opposite. We share her story in this “25 Stories from 25 Years” article.

Paul: Tell us a little about yourself

Kathy: I am a writer and I wanted to share the GOD inspired stories with others, especially family and friends.

Paul: Describe your situation or the main problem you were facing before you contacted OurChurch.Com.

Kathy: My search was for a Christian based web company, because I knew if the company said they were Christian they hold the same truths I do. I loved browsing some of the other websites, ourchurch.com designed.

I talked with Mark, who made me a non-computer person comfortable. His conversation and the other customers’ web designs were the two factors that caused me to select ourchurch.com

Paul: Describe what OurChurch.Com did for you and what it was like to work with our team.

Kathy: Mark made building the website and everything effortless. Deborah was always available to work with me. I was really thankful to be working with a company that made me feel comfortable and let me know I could contact them anytime.

Because I did not know  much about web site building, when I contacted Deborah about something that needed to be changed or added, she was patient and provided the help I was seeking.

Paul: What would you say to a leader who was considering having OurChurch.Com build a website for their organization?

Kathy: I am impressed with OurChurch.Com and recommend them to family, friends and organizations as a trustworthy Christian business.

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Kathy, thanks so much for sharing your story with us and our readers!  It’s been great working with you! We look forward to continuing to help you and Ark Christian Publishing live out your mission online.

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Comment and discuss: What stands out to you about Kathy’s story?

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