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Why did a thriving custom pool builder change their website?

Why did a thriving custom pool builder change their website?
Written by Mark Steinbrueck

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Why would a successful custom pool builder who had more work than they know what to do with, change their website and do search engine optimization?

Quite simply… to reach their goals!

Years ago, I had a conversation with the owner of Grand Vista Pools, Kevin Shipp, about their website.  They liked their existing website but it had one major flaw:  They could not update the website themselves.  As a result, each time they wanted to add pictures of a completed pool or a video customer testimonial, they needed to pay someone to make the changes for them.

In addition, their email through their hosting company was unreliable.  And because many potential and current customers communicated to their company through email, it was crucial that email was always up and running.

Kevin didn’t want to change the look of the website or how it functioned, so we came up with a solution that would streamline the site building process:

  • Build a new website on the easy-to-use WordPress platform.
  • Use their existing design.
  • Keep the same features of their existing website.
  • Transfer all their current video, pictures, and text from the existing website to the new website.
  • Train Kevin so he could edit his site without assistance.

There were several advantages to taking this approach:

  • Minimal work from Grand Vista Pools.  Kevin and his staff are very busy with their business.  They didn’t want to be bogged down in creating new content or making tons of decisions about a new website.  Taking this approach allowed Kevin to focus on what they do best, building gorgeous pools.
  • Keep cost down.  By keeping everything much like it is on their existing website, it allowed OurChurch.Com’s design team to build Kevin’s new website without a lot of emails and meetings.  This kept the cost of the new site to a minimum.
  • Quicker build time.  Because Kevin kept things like they were on the exiting site and with minimal communication needed during the site building process, the OCC team could build Grand Vista’s new website is a much shorter time than normally required for new website.

Since launching their new website, Grand Vista Pools has been able to better communicate the services they provide to prospective clients, and they are busier than ever!

OurChurch.Com also began working with Grand Vista on search engine optimization.  Watch this 90 second video to see what Kevin has to say about the impact of SEO on his business:

The big take-away…

The results [of OurChurch.Com’s SEO sevices] have been amazing! Our web traffic has increased significantly which has turned into a lot of new business! -Kevin Shipp, Grand Vista Pools

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We invite you to visit the website of Grand Vista Pools.  Please let us know what you think about their website by posting a comment below.

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