OurChurch.Com Webmaster Newsletter - June 2005
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Secret to a Free Month of Hosting

Hello OurChurch.Com webmasters,

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1) OCC Forums Reloaded
2) Secret to a Free Month of Hosting
3) Free Search Registration Specials
4) Offensive Material in Your Guestbook?
5) New Servers

OurChurch.Com has relaunched its Christian Forums and Chat. We invite you to stop by and talk with other OCC webmasters and visitors about OCC's services, the Internet, Christian issues, or whatever you like. Try your hand at the Bible Book Trivia Quiz in the "Faith and God" forum. Vote on the Iraq War poll in the "In The News..." forum.

To create a little added incentive to get webmasters to our forums, we're giving away a free month of hosting service to anyone who posts a message. When you post a message in our forums, on the screen that follows you'll see a message that says, "Your message has been entered successfully. The coupon code for a free month of hosting is: _____." Then when you order or renew a hosting package, put the secret code into the comments box of the order form. You'll receive an extra month of hosting absolutely free.

Order 3 months of the Gold or Silver package, you'll get four. Order six months of the Gold, Silver, or Bronze package, you'll get seven. Order a year of the Gold, Silver, Bronze, Domain, or Plus package, you'll get 13 months. Limit one free month per website. Free months cannot be tacked onto an existing term of service purchased prior to this offer; they can only be added to renewals or new orders.

We extended the two special offers on our new Christian Search Engine Registration service for an extra month, but time is running out. With our Christian Search Engine Registration Service, we will register your website with more than 50 Christian search engines and directories for only $60. Here are the special offers:

- Purchase our Guaranteed Top Search Ranking service and receive our Christian Search Engine Registration service absolutely free. That's a $60 savings.

- Purchase our new Christian Search Engine Registration service and receive our Basic Search Engine Registration service absolutely free. That's a $50 savings.

Both offers end June 30.

OurChurch.Com has received an increased number of reports of guestbook spamming by porn and gambling sites. To combat the problem we have developed a filtering system for guestbooks and prayer pages which blocks messages from banned visitors or with banned words in the message. Wednesday (6/15) we pre-screened all guestbook and prayer pages. After confirming the filtering system was working properly, Thursday (6/16) we switched to post-screening or monitoring of entries. This means while most objectionable entries will be blocked you could receive an objectionable guestbook entry if it's from a new spammer and contains no banned words. However, since we are monitoring guestbook entries, if an objectionable one gets through the filter, we will immediately update the filter to block the sender and their website so all future entries are blocked. Please check the announcement in our forums for any new developments and to post comments and questions.

Have you noticed your website's been coming up a bit faster in the last week or so? That's because we replaced our primary server with a brand new dual-Pentium Dell PowerEdge server. Not only is it screaming fast and ultra-reliable, but it also has a RAID-1 backup system (which keeps a copy of all files on a second hard drive in the server at all times) and nightly offsite backup.

Thanks for hosting your website at OurChurch.Com. Please post comments and questions concerning this newsletter in our forums.

In His Service,


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BEACON tip o' the month

Most webmasters understand that ranking well in the major search engines is essential for a successful website, but for Christian websites, being listed in dozens of smaller Christian Search Engines is also very important.
Website Spotlight
Pioneer Clubs Canada

Pioneer Clubs Canada is a non-denominational organization that helps to facilitate clubs in Canada for the spiritual development of kids ages 2-18. It does this by providing a wide variety of age-appropriate materials, curricula, and activity guides. Their website was created with our Beacon web builder and is hosted in a Bronze account with the ad-free option. They have also had OCC create custom order forms so that clubs can order the materials they need online.
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