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Major Improvements to OCC Search


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1) Advertising for Christmas Green
2) Search Engine Registration Specials
3) New and Improved Search Engine Results
4) New Search Reminder System
5) Suspending Sites with Unresolved Search Issues
6) OCC Sites Currently with Unresolved Search Issues
7) What's My Status?
8) Unreviewed Sites

If your website offers anything that can be given as a Christmas gift, now is the time to think about advertising for the Christmas season. Do you run a Chrisitan book/supply store? Are you an author? A musician? An artist? Books, CDs, art, handmade jewelry, and crafts are some of the most popular Christmas gifts given each year.

To help make your Christmas greener, OurChurch.Com is selling advertising for October, November, and December on eBay at a tremendous discount. A three-month sponsorship that will bring 15,000+ visitors and normally costs $900 starts at just $300. Blocks of banner advertising that will bring 1,000-2,000 visitors and normally cost $250 start at just $100. Auction ends Wednesday, September 21. Check it out today!

We have extended the two special offers on our Search Engine Registration services through the end of September. See the announcement in our forums for more details.

OurChurch.Com introduced several improvements to its Christian search engine this week. One improvement in the search results is the automatic removal of OCC-hosted sites that are inactive. So, you should see much fewer “dead links” when searching for sites. If you do search, click on a link, and the site doesn’t come up, please click the “dead link” icon next to that search listing and let us know so we can remove it.

We also introduced a new search review reminder system. Previously, if a site was reviewed for inclusion in our search engine and more information was needed before it could be improved, we would send out a single email notification asking for additional information. Now webmasters will receive a second reminder two weeks later and a third notice two weeks after that. Sites do not appear in our search results until after they have been approved, so our hope is that by sending additional reminders we’ll receive responses from more webmasters and get more sites approved and included in our search engine.

A third change in our search engine applies specifically to sites hosted by OurChurch.Com. We are going to begin temporarily suspending OCC-hosted sites with unresolved search review issues if we do not receive a response concerning the search review within 4 weeks of the initial review.

When a webmaster builds a new site at OurChurch.Com a search listing is submitted for review. If two weeks later, we review the site and find we need additional information before we can approve the site, the webmaster is sent an email notification. If after two weeks we do not receive a reply from the webmaster, a second notice is sent. If after another two weeks we still have not received a response, another email notification will be sent and the site will be temporarily suspended until the webmaster responds.

Previously, a webmaster could build a site at OCC and even if we needed more information to approve the site for the search engine, the site itself could continue to operate (even though it wasn’t listed in the search engine). If you manage a website hosted by OurChurch.Com which has been reviewed and found to need more information before it can be approved, your site is being added to our reminder system today and you have four weeks to address the issue.

To get a comprehensive report on the status of all of your listings in OurChurch.Com’s search engine, please go to our Search Report form and enter your email address. You will automatically receive a report on all of the search listings associated with that specific email address. Search listings registered with another username or different email address will not appear in that report.

Additionally, webmasters of OCC-hosted sites can see the status of their search listing by login into their webmaster page and looking in the right column about half way down the page

Our goal is to review each request for a search listing 2-3 weeks after its been submitted. Unfortunately though, in some cases this as grown to 6-8 weeks. This week we are devoting extra staff to getting completely caught up. If you’re the webmaster of one of these sites, we appreciate your patience. You can expect an email explaining the outcome of our review by the end of the week.

Thanks for using OurChurch.Com's search engine and for listing your site. Please post comments and questions concerning this newsletter in our forums.

In His Service,


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