How to Create Meta Tags for Your Site

Summary of “How to Create Meta Tags for Your Site”

Meta Tags are something many people have never heard of, or if they have heard about them, they don’t know what exactly Meta Tags do or how to implement them. There’s a good reason for this.  Meta Tags are not visible on the webpage.  So, it’s easy to understand why most people don’t know much about them.

What is a Meta Tag?
A Meta Tag is actually part of the webpage coding that the browser and search engine “bots” read.  They can give a browser certain settings, but their main use is for search engines.  Various Meta tags can tell the search engines what a page is about, what to display in search listings, and even increase your rankings in the search engines.

Is This Important?
So if no one ever sees it, is a Meta Tag necessary?  Absolutely!  Some Meta tags are less important today then they were a few years ago, but others have become even more important.  In this quick tip video by Paul Steinbrueck with OurChurch.Com, you can learn what a Meta Tag is and how to create Meta Tags for your site.

First, Paul will show you a website where you can find even more information about Meta Tags and also learn about HTML coding.  The site is called  You will want to put in your header tags in your HTML code, and you will see they start with META.  The most common Meta Tags are part of what a search engine reads to figure out what your site is about.  Meta Tags describe your site for the search engines and tell them the keywords associated with your site.  If you are coding the site yourself, you will want to code Meta Tags for each page.

Meta Tags in the NE1 Web Builder
For those using the NE1 Web Builder, which is supplied by OurChurch.Com, adding Meta Tags is much easier! When you get into a page you want to edit, you will simply click on the “SEO Features” tab and then you can add your information into the provided boxes.  Don’t forget to save your changes.

There are five text boxes for you to fill in and it is important that you understand what each one means.

  • SEO Words: The SEO Words are the words that will show up in your URL.  This helps the search engines know what words are associated with your site.
  • Meta Title: The Meta Title is the subtitle used by search engines and this will also appear as a title at the top of the web browser.  This tag impacts your search rankings more than any other tag.
  • Meta Keywords: The Keyword box is where you enter the keywords associated with your site.  You want to put between 20-30 words in the box, separated by commas, that describe what your site does.
  • Meta Description: The Meta Description is just a few sentences that describe your site.
  • Head Content: You probably don’t need to worry about the Head Content, but if you wanted to add other Meta tags, like the refresh or robots tags, you can enter those in here.

For more information about the NE1 Web builder, or for other quick tip videos, check out OurChurch.Com!

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