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How Do I Get a Website?

How do I get a church website?
Written by Paul Steinbrueck

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Andrea in Macon, GA asks, “How Do I Get a Website?

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There are essentially 3 ways to get a website.

1. Build the Website Yourself from Scratch

To do this, you would start by purchasing a web hosting account. Then you would upload and install a content management system like WordPress into the account. Then you would need to find and install a theme, find and install plugins, organize and write all your web pages, and add media.

It’s the least expensive option, but it takes the most work and the most technical ability.

2. Hire a Website Developer to Build Your Website for You

In this situation, the developer helps you select a theme that meets your needs, finds and installs all the plugins that provide the functionality you want, and helps you organize and create the content for your web pages.

This is the most expensive option, but it takes the least work on your part and requires the least technical ability.

3. Build Your Website with an Online Website Builder

The website builder will enable you to select the theme you like best, it already has the plugins or functionality built in, and some website builders like our WP-EZ Website Builder have pre-defined page templates that are already laid out with sample text and images.

This is a middle of the road option which is very affordable and still simple enough for most people even if they’ve never built a website before.

Which of these 3 options is best for you?

That depends on your budget, technical skills, and time available.

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OurChurch.Com supports all 3 ways to build a website.

  1. We provide Christian web hosting if you want to build your website yourself.
  2. We do custom website design if you’d like a pro to build your website for you.
  3. We have an online website builder if you want a simple, affordable way to build your own website.

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Comment and Discuss…

  • What’s your biggest question about how to get a website?
  • Which option did you go with – web builder, web hosting, or web design – and why?

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      • Francis, did you watch the video? It explains your 3 options & in the blog post there are links to each of them. Do you know whether you want to go with a web builder, web hosting or web design?

    • Resource mentioned on that video clip is very much effective to learn knowledge regarding how to get a website!! I'm very much enjoyed that video. Few days later I'll start work on to get my first website and such information will be handy for me. Thanks.

    • Excellent post..Real time analytics help to view the various aspects of our website. By analyzing the sources of web traffic, we can improve the overall performance of our website. The proper way of getting a website is clearly mentioned in this post.

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