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Why a Christian web hosting company?

church web hosting - Christian ministry partner
Written by Paul Steinbrueck

why a christian web hosting companyContinuing our series on church web hosting FAQs, in this video I talk about the benefits of working with a Christian web hosting company.

While there are probably other benefits to working with a Christian web hosting company, the two that stand out to me are:

1) Shared Mission

I can’t speak for all Christian-led companies, but we at OurChurch.Com view our clients more as ministry partners because when all is said and done, we share the same mission – to share the gospel of Jesus Christ and see His kingdom advanced. Our ultimate goal is not to provide our clients with a service we can provide as profitably as possible, but to help you live out your God-given mission.

2) Shared Understanding

Again, I can’t speak for other Christian web hosting companies, but every one of the people on our team at OurChurch.Com is a Christ-follower and an active part of a local Christian church. We are a part of Christian schools, para-church ministries, and have led missions trips.  We understand how communications, websites, boards, budgets and approval processes work (and often don’t work 🙂 We can recommend and provide solutions that secular  companies simply don’t get.

The question you have to ask yourself is:

Do you want a church web hosting provider who will treat you like a customer or a ministry partner? 

church web hosting - Christian ministry partner

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If you would like a ministry partner, we would love to serve you with our church web hosting services. If you’d prefer to have professionals build your website for you, we also offer church web design and church SEO services to help you live out your mission online.

Comment and Discuss…

  • Do you think there’s value in working with a Christian organization for your website and web hosting? Why or why not? Are there other benefits you see in it?

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  • You are right…I agree with doing business in the Christian community making it a ministry rather than a service..well done

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