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Should a church use a Christian web hosting company?

should a church use a Christian website hosting company?
Written by Paul Steinbrueck

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We continue our series on Church Website Hosting FAQs…

Pastor Jackson in Jackson, MS would like to know, “Should a church use a Christian web hosting company?

Some churches opt to work with a secular website hosting company, but 3 reasons we think it’s better to work with a Christian website company.

1. Church themes & website features. If you’re looking for web hosting and a website builder, using a website builder specifically designed for church websites ensures you are going to get website themes specifically designed for churches, and website features like online giving and a sermon manager which a secular web builder might not have.

2. Christian staff. If you choose a Christian website hosting company staffed by Christians, you get to work with brothers and sisters in Christ who understand Christian lingo and understand struggles and opportunities churches face. You also get to work with people who are passionate about seeing your church and the Kingdom of God advance!

3. Christian causes. Many tech companies support causes and organizations that are in direct opposition to our beliefs and values. But when you work with a Christian website company, they often support Christian causes and organizations.

One word of warning, there are some “Christian” website companies which are subsidiaries of big, secular hosting companies and given a Christian name for branding and marketing purposes. When looking for a Christian website hosting company, make sure you choose one that is owned by Christians and operated according to Christian values.

OurChurch.Com is owned by Christians, staffed by Christians, we have developed a church website builder with church themes and features, and we support Christian nonprofits.

The question you have to ask yourself is:

Do you want a church web hosting provider who will treat you like a customer or a ministry partner? 

church web hosting - Christian ministry partner

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If you’re looking for church website hosting with an easy-to-use website builder, provides all the other services you need, and is supported by a team that shares your faith…

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Comment and Discuss…

  • How important is it to you to host your website a Christian organization that shares your faith and values?

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