Adding Website Meta Tags to Your Website


Summary of “Adding Website Meta Tags to Your Website”

There are a number of secrets to having search engines find your site among the many, many web sites out there.  META tags are one of those secrets.  META tags are one of the tools which you can use to tell the search engines what your site is about and what keywords your site should rank for.  Adding META tags to your website is not as complicated as you might think. You can learn how to set up META tags for your website by watching this helpful quick tip video, created by OurChurch.Com.

If you are coding in HTML, you may want to visit see examples of the Title tag and META tags.  It is a website that offers a lot of good information about coding in HTML.  If your website is created using HTML then you will need to create your header tags.  Everything in between the header tags is called “in-the-header” and will start with the word META.  This will create your META tags.

If you are using the NE1 web builder, which is supplied by, you will see that when you edit a page, there is a tab for SEO Features.  If you click on that tab, you will simply need to fill in the boxes in order to create your Title and META tags. Just don’t forget to save your changes!

These are the places where you add website META Tags to your Website:

  • SEO Words
    These are the words that will be added to the end of your page’s web address.  This is very helpful to search engines because it gives them words rather than numbers or code.
  • Meta Title
    This is what describes your site to the search engines.  This will also be shown at the top of the browser when someone visits your page, may be the text for your listing in the search engines, and is one of the most important SEO (Search Engine Optimization) signals to the search engines.
  • Keywords
    The keywords are words and phrases that describes your site.  You can put up to 20-30 keywords (though 5-10 is better) and phrases in here, and be sure to separate them with commas.
  • Meta Description
    This is just a sentence or two that describes your site and entices them to visit your site.

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