Organization Alliances

OCC is creating Organization Alliances with Christian associations that have at least 200 member organizations such as state and national denomination organizations, school associations, campus ministry associations, and missions organizations. These Alliances will benefit both the parent organization and the member organizations and help to facilitate better linkage and communication between them.



  • New Custom Interactive Website – OCC will create a brand new Custom CMS Premier website for the parent organization which will look amazing, be easy to update, and include lots of interactive features. We’ll optimize it for search engines, and include our concierge service. All with no up-front fee.
  • Church/School Finder – The parent organization’s website will include a directory of member organizations which can be search by name or zip code, helping people find the church, school, or member organization closest to them. This is an essential feature for the parent organization and will help new people get connected with the member organization.
  • News Feed – The parent organization’s website will have a news section which will generate a feed that member organizations can add to their websites. So, as the parent organization makes announcements, the news is automatically updated on the member organization sites. Individuals will also be able to subscribe to receive news updates.
  • Compensation – Parent organizations will have the option of receiving a commission on services ordered by their member organizations, providing a discount to their member organizations, or having money earned from their member organizations’ purchases go to a charity.
  • Organization-Specific Templates – OCC will create templates for its NE1 Web Builder that include the parent organization’s logo for member organizations to use.
  • Training – OCC will do a training seminar at the organization’s conference.

For more details see the Organization Alliance FAQs.

Then forward this on to the folks you know in your parent organization and encourage them to take advantage of this opportunity.

To set-up a time to discuss an Organization Alliance with us, complete the consultation request form.