Organization Alliances Frequently Asked Questions

What does the parent organization get in the new custom interactive website?

The parent organization will get our Custom CMS Premier Package. In addition to that, the site will include a directory of member organizations searchable by zip code and a news feature that creates a news feed your member organizations can embed in their websites for instant updates.

What do the member organizations receive?

Member organizations would be encouraged to utilized OurChurch.Com’s web hosting, custom web design, and search engine marketing services. All our web hosting packages include our powerful, yet easy-to-use NE1 Web Builder. In addition to the benefits we provide to all clients using these services, organizations whose parent organization is a part of the Alliance program will receive:

  • Organization-specific templates with the logo of the association/denomination.
  • A live news feed that would display news from the parent organization on their site.
  • A listing and link in the searchable directory of member organizations on the parent organization’s website.
  • A training seminar at the parent organization’s conference (if organized by the parent organization).

And all our services are backed by our 18 years of experience and our caring, knowledgeable, Christian support staff.

Can you explain the news feature in more detail?

The News feature allows the parent organization to put organizational news on their site and have it appear on all their members sites as well. It’s a great way to share organization-wide news.

Here’s how it works. The parent organization will be able to post news on its website. The news feature will generate a standard RSS feed. OurChurch.Com will also create a module for our NE1 web builder and CMS packages to read the parent organization’s RSS feed. Member organizations will then have the option of embedding this news reader in their websites. If they do this, news from the parent organization will appear on the member organization sites in real time. Individuals will also be able to subscribe to the RSS feed to receive news updates instantly.

What are the costs involved?

The Custom CMS Premier package has no up-front fees at all. The monthly cost is normally $299/mo. However, with an Organization Alliance the monthly cost is reduced to $99/mo for the first year. This amounts to a savings of $2,400. The goal is that by the end of the first year commissions earned from member organizations that sign up to use OurChurch.Com services will surpass $299/mo and the parent organization will not only get an amazing website for free, but actually generate additional revenue.

Can you explain the compensation options?
There are 3 options the parent organization can choose from:

1) Commissions earned from referring member organizations go first to cover the cost of the parent organization’s website. After that all commissions go to the parent organization.

2) Member organizations receive a discount on OCC services equivalent to the commission the parent organization would have received.

3) Commissions earned from referring member organizations go towards a ministry or charity of the parent organization’s choosing.

What are the commission rates?
20% on hosting packages and options. 10% on custom design, search marketing, and advertising services. 10% on bundles and CMS packages that combine hosting with other services.

How do we refer our member organizations to OurChurch.Com?

OCC will provide links and referral tracking information. We recommend the parent organization do things like put a blurb about our Alliance and OCC’s website services on the homepage of the parent organization’s website and mention it in any newsletters or enewsletters distributed by the parent organization. OCC can advise the parent organization on options and strategies, but ultimately it’s up to the parent organization to get the word out.

Are there any costs for the training seminar?
There’s no cost for the training seminar itself. However, the parent organization would be expected to cover travel expenses for 2 OCC staff.

What if we decide we want to end the Alliance?
An Alliance includes a 2-year commitment from both OurChurch.Com and the parent organization. After 2 years, the parent organization can withdraw from the Alliance. Commissions/discounts would end at that point and the parent organization could either utilize other OCC service options or move their website elsewhere.

Are you really giving away a free site for life to the member organization that helps bring the parent organization into an Organization Alliance?

Absolutely. The member organization will get any web hosting package they like and the ad-free option absolutely free. If the member organization would prefer a more expensive service like a CMS Package or search marketing service, they will receive $40/mo off. If the parent organization should end the Alliance down the road, the member organization’s free service would come to an end as well.