Create Your Church Website Faster!

Create church website fasterOur WP-EZ Website Builder is a “Do-It-Yourself” (DIY) website builder. However, if you are busy and short on time, we can help you create a church website (or business, ministry, etc.).

Some benefits of letting our team do some of the work for you include:

  • Speed. We can create your church website faster, building your church website in days instead of weeks.
  • Expertise. We can do it better. We are WP-EZ experts, and use best practices to make the layout, spacing and formatting of your web pages perfect.
  • Relief. We relieve your stress by taking this project off your plate.
  • Focus. You can focus your time on the aspects of your ministry or business you do best!

Here are the things we can do for you…

Easy Website Transfer Service

If you have an old website, we can transfer all the pages – text, images and media – for you for as little as $99 + $15/page.  [get more info]

Order Easy Website Transfer Service

WP-EZ Theme Personalization

We’ll personalize your WP-EZ theme with the colors of your choosing. Plus we’ll embed your name, slogan and logo into your theme. Normally $199, now just $99!

Order WP-EZ Theme Personalization

Custom WP-EZ

Don’t have an old website? Or want to scrap your old site and start over? No problem. We can custom build your WP-EZ Website for you. After you place your order, you tell us what pages you want on your website, send us the text and images, and we’ll create a website for your church, ministry, or business in a week or less. Cost is just $499 for a website of up to 5 pages and includes the WP-EZ Theme Personalization service. After the first 5 pages, it’s $80/page.

Order Custom WP-EZ

Custom WP-EZ+

Like the idea of having us custom build your WP-EZ site, and you’d like to simply email us updates to your website and have us take care of them for you? Custom WP-EZ+ includes:

  • Build a 5-page Custom WP-EZ site for you ($499 value)
  • WP-EZ Theme Personalization service ($199 value)
  • 30 minutes/month website maintenance ($40/mo value)
  • Bronze hosting package ($17.90/mo value)

All for only $79/mo (no setup fee, 1 year commitment).

Order Custom WP-EZ+

Copywriting and Content Creation

If you or your web team have struggled with creating content for your website, we have the answer! Click here for details.

Anything Else You Want

Got something else you’d like help with? Need help with writing text or finding images for your website? Got questions about any of the services above? Call 727-723-2454, create a help desk ticket, or start a live chat with one of our member support specialists.

It’s our mission to help you live out your mission online!