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Written by Paul Steinbrueck

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Over the past 25 years, OurChurch.Com has served tens of thousands of clients including churches, businesses, schools, ministries, and personal sites.  A lot has changed in web design since 1996, but there is one thing that has not changed: Most clients struggle with creating content for their websites. 

There are some clients who are phenomenal creators of content.  They know exactly what text they want on their website and how to write it. They have great images to help tell a story on their site and convey the purpose and message to visitors.  These organizations or people are as common as a political campaign without any smear ads.

For most clients, writing text and taking good-quality photos is not their specialty.  God has blessed them with many other gifts but because they haven’t received training or don’t create content for websites often, they struggle with it.  There is nothing wrong with that.

I am not mechanically inclined, especially when it comes to cars.  We have five drivers in our house, so it is quite often that maintenance needs to be performed or repairs need to be made. We take care of the minor basics like changing headlamps, keeping the correct tire pressure, changing air filters, and a few other easy tasks. However, I have learned that when it goes beyond those things, I need to get help from a professional:  Someone who has received proper training, has experience, and fixes/maintains cars for a living.

Creating content for most people is like repairing a car for me:  It just isn’t something you are trained or wired to do. As a result, it can bring the whole website-building process to a screeching halt, and delay its completion for months!

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So, let me ask you…

  • Did you start building your website a month ago or more and it’s still not complete?
  • Have you started writing a page, you agonized over it for an hour or more, and it’s still not finished?
  • Do you have website content you know you need to write, but you find yourself doing anything you can think of to avoid it, including scrubbing the bathtub?!?

This is why OurChurch.Com offers a Content Creation service!

Instead of having a website with either no content or generic, pre-created content that doesn’t represent your organization, you can have a great-looking, content-filled website that you are proud to show to others!

With OCC’s Content Creation service, we will create the content WITH you.

    • We schedule a time to call you and create the content
    • We talk with you about your organization to understand what text and images would be best.
    • We write the text for your website while on the phone with you in a document that you view as we are writing it.
    • If you don’t have real pictures for your site, we find high-quality stock images to compliment the text that has been written.
    • We add the text and images to your website.

The cost for all of this is $50 per page or homepage content section.  Some people might think, “For a website that I’m paying are paying $20 – $30/mo, $50/page is a lot of money”.  My question for you is, “How much is it costing you to have a website without content?”

OCC’s mission is to help you live out your mission online.  Doing that requires a website that has great content for your visitors.

If you want to talk with someone from our team that can discuss creating content for your website, please call us at 727-723-2454, email us at support@ourchurch.com, or fill out the consultation request form below.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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