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Website Makeovers with Erica – Ep2: Central Community UMC

OurChurch.Com Website Makeovers with Erica - Episode 2
Written by EricaCouture

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Welcome to the next installment of our web series titled,  Website Makeovers with Erica, a five-minute video in which Erica reveals how she helped one of our clients makeover their website. We hope it inspires you to make similar improvements to your website!

In Episode 2, Erica works with Teresa from Central Community United Methodist Church in Shell Knob, MO. Teresa is the church administrator who is very passionate about the ministry of the church and the work they do in the community.

Who is Central Community United Methodist Church?

Central Community United United Methodist Church in Shell Knob, MO is a small-town church with a lot going on. They have a food pantry that helps to feed those in need. They have a daycare to service families in their community. They also have a thrift store to help families in need. The church has a close family feel and they wanted a website that shows visitors that they and their families are welcome.

What were the issues that were keeping their website from achieving their goals of reaching young families?

  • The front page had too many photos and not enough information.
  • The front page needed to be more for visitors and less for the members.
  • The front page wasn’t very well organized.

The Website Makeover Video

Keep in mind when watching the video that these are a few quick tips to show you how you can reach your website goals. This five-minute video has been sped up to keep the video short but if you’d like to see more detailed step-by-step instructions remember we have a library of free video tutorials to help you build the website to meet your church or ministry goals.

The Before and After

Here is what the homepage looked like before the Website Makeover….

church website makeover 2 - before


And here is what it looks like now.

church website makeover 2 - after

The End result

The church now has a well-organized inviting website that seeks to make everyone feel welcome. Be sure to visit Central Community United Methodist Church at  to see their website.

Remember, your church website is mostly for visitors. So be sure to show and tell them what they can expect as a part of your church family. – Erica Couture

your church website is mostly for visitors - quote

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