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Website Makeovers with Erica – Ep 1: Church of the Eternal Word

Church Website Makeovers – Ep 1: Eternal Word
Written by Paul Steinbrueck

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We’re excited to share with you the premier episode of a new video and blog series called Website Makeovers with Erica.

Erica joined the OurChurch.Com team last year.  She has a real passion for helping Christian organizations improve their websites, so their websites can help them live out their mission online.

She’s been checking out websites built with our WP-EZ Website Builder. When she sees a good website that could be made great with a little help, she’s been reaching out and offering to spend an hour with the administrator of that site.

If the person accepts, she records audio and video of the time they spend improving the website.  Then she edits that video down to a 5-7 minute Website Makeover episode.

Who is Church of the Eternal Word?

Church of the Eternal Word is a church in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. They are a multicultural church mostly of Africans and Russians and some French members

Erica worked with Pastor Emmanuel Mukendi who shared this about the people in his community and is website.

We want our website to… connect with people who are looking for a church. -Pastor Emmanuel Mukendi

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What were the issues with their website that were holding them back?

The main issues were:

  • They still had stock images on some pages.
  • Some of their social media icons were not correctly linking to their social media profiles.
  • Some of the text was too small.

The Website Makeover Video

Before you watch the video a few things to note… the video is intended to show you WHAT you can do to improve your website not HOW to do it… parts of the video were sped up to make it shorter, so don’t try to follow every step Erica takes… this video runs 7 minutes, future videos will be capped at 5 minutes…

Before and After

Here’s what their homepage looked like before the Website Makeover…


And here’s what it looks like now…


The End Result

Pastor Emmanuel Mukendi was very appreciative of Erica’s help and is very excited about using their updated website to reach people in the Toronto area! Visit to see their website.

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  • What do you think of our first Website Makeover by Erica?

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