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10 Ways to Grow Your Love for Your Website

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Written by Paul Steinbrueck

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We want you to absolutely love your website!

This is why we’ve declared February to be “Love Your Website Month” at OurChurch.Com.

Every meaningful relationship takes insight and effort, and this includes your relationship with your website. This month we want to help you understand your website better, spend some quality time together, and help your relationship with your website reach its full potential. 🙂

We’ll be expanding on many of these topics throughout the month. In this post, we’re just going to introduce the ideas…

10 Ways to Grow Your Love for Your Website

1) Upgrade a free site. Imagine a guy who likes a girl and asks her out, but won’t spend a dime on her. Won’t buy her dinner, won’t take her to a movie, won’t buy her a gift. That relationship is probably not going anywhere.

It’s not that a guy has to spend a lot of money on girl to woo her, but as Mathew 6:21 says, “Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.”

If you’re not willing to spend anything on your website, your heart is probably not in it. If you’re ready to take that next step, you can order a Gold, Silver, or Bronze site here.  Order by Feb 28 and get half off your order!

2) Make your site fun. Ask any man what qualities he’s looking for in a woman or ask any woman what she’s looking for in man, and usually in the top 5 you’ll hear a good sense of humor. 🙂  The same is true with the websites we love. Most of them – even those that are spiritual or mostly serious – weave some humor into them, or occasionally post something funny. Blogging and social media can be good media for humor. (Added 2/16/23) See 5 Ways to Infuse Your Website with Fun and Humor for more ideas.

3) Get a logo. Have you ever gone out with someone who lacked self-awareness? Pretty awkward isn’t it? Understanding your identity is important in a relationship. It’s also important on a website. A logo helps an organization communicate who they. If you’re interested, here’s more info on our logo design service. (Added 2/7/23) Read The why, when, and what of church logo design to go more in depth.

4) Get a free website review. Sometimes when a relationship is going through a rough patch or even when things are going well, it helps to see a counselor and get a fresh perspective on how to improve things. The same is true with a website. Get a free website review here. It’s like a free sessions with a marriage counselor. (Added 2/16/23) For more details, see What You Don’t Know.

5) Choose a theme you love. Hopefully, when considering someone you’d go out with, appearance isn’t the number one factor, but it’s nice to have some level of physical attraction, right? Same is true with a website. Appearance isn’t usually the most important thing, but you want a website that looks good to you. Our WP-EZ Website Builder has dozens of themes to choose from. There’s never a charge to switch to a new theme. (Added 2/16/22) See How to Select a Church Website Design You Will LOVE.

6) Watch video tutorials. One of the most important qualities in a love relationship is that both people have a humility and passion to learn about each other and learn about relationships. If you want to love your website more, learn more about how it works by watching the video tutorials in our knowledgebase. If you built your website with our WP-EZ 2.0 Website Builder, the WP-EZ Training Center will take you step by step through the most important things you need to know.

7) Make your site insightful. One of the things I appreciate most about my wife is the insight and perspective she brings to our conversations. I find the same is true of the websites I like. If you want to love your website more, post insightful blog posts, online resources or links to insightful articles that will provide wisdom and knowledge to help you visitors grow. (Added 2/9) Check out The Surprisingly Simple Thing that Changed My Life!

8) Take some new photos. We all take photos of the people and events that are important to us. If your website has stock photos on it or photos from 3 years ago, it implies the people and events from the last 3 years aren’t really that special to you. Take some new photos! Get them on the website! Everyone will love it and appreciate it!

9) Add video. If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many more words is a video worth? People who are considering visiting your church, school, ministry or business really want to see what you’re doing before they join you. For church websites, sermon videos are essential, a welcome or “what to expect” video is very helpful, and background video at the top of your homepage can have a huge impact.

10) Talk with our team. If you’re felling stuck and frustrated in a relationship, the wise thing to do is talk with someone about it. You need a fresh perspective. You need an objective opinion. And hopefully, the person you talk to has some experience and wisdom when it comes to relationships. Same thing with your website. If you’re feeling stuck or frustrated even in the slightest bit. Reach out to us by phone (727-723-2454), email (support at ourchurch dot com) or live chat. We can work through with you any problems you may be having with your website.

BONUS: Check out Website Makeovers with Erica – Ep 1: Church of the Eternal Word to see how Erica took their website from good to great!

We are most alive when we’re in love. -John Updike

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I’m not recommending you do all 10 of these things this month, just pick one or two to start with. I’m confident your love for your website will grow as a result.

We would also love to get your honest feedback in this month’s survey so we can make our websites and web builder even more lovable.

If you’re looking to build a church website or a website for your school, ministry or business, we would love to help you with that, too.

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  • How’s your relationship with your website these days?
  • Which 1 or 2 things from the 10 above are you going to do first?

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