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Website Makeovers with Erica – Ep6: Terry Williams Ministries, Louisburg, NC

Written by EricaCouture

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Welcome to the next installment of our web series titled, Website Makeovers with Erica, a blog article and five-minute video, which shows Erica helping an OurChurch.Com member makeover their website with our WP-EZ Website Builder.

We create the platform and show you how easy it is to help you fulfill your mission online.

In Episode, Six  Erica helps Terry Williams of Terry Williams Ministries, Louisburg, NC refresh her website by switching to the brand new “Fluid Ministry” theme.

Who is Terry Williams?

Introducing Terry Williams, a passionate Evangelist, talented Artist, and devoted advocate of the Daughters of Hope Missions. Terry’s heartfelt desire was to touch people’s lives with the transformative message of Jesus through her website.

I want to use my website to make Jesus known to everyone around the world! -Terry Williams

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What were the issues that were keeping Terry’s website from achieving its goals of making reaching as many people as possible to tell the message of Jesus?

Initially, Terry’s website fell short of its potential, as it failed to portray her exquisite art or adequately convey her purpose. Visitors were left puzzled, unsure of the website’s true essence.

Some of the issues were:

  • The theme was outdated and overused.
  • There was too much text to focus on.
  • The website wasn’t clear about what her ministry was about.
  • Terry’s art ministry wasn’t represented on the website.

The Website Makeover Video

Note, this five-minute video has been sped up to keep the video short but if you’d like to see more detailed step-by-step instructions remember we have a library of free video tutorials to help you build the website to meet your church or ministry goals.


The Before and After

Here is what the homepage looked like before the Website Makeover….


And here is what it looks like now.

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The End Result

Terry Williams Ministries‘ refreshed digital abode serves as a gateway to enlightenment, inviting all who enter to partake in the transformative journey she so passionately shares. Witness the harmonious dance between her profound ministry and breathtaking artistry, as they intertwine and enthrall with each stroke and syllable.

Beyond the aesthetics, Terry’s ministry takes center stage, and her passion for the Daughters of Hope Missions shines brilliantly, touching the lives of countless individuals with hope, love, and compassion.

Let’s hear what Terry has to say about all the changes that we made and about ourchurch.com:

“I appreciate the personal service. I’ve been with OurChurch for many years and everybody’s always been very accessible and helpful!” -Terry Williams

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