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Website Makeovers with Erica – Ep5: Courageous Hearts Preschool and Childcare Center

Christian Website Makeover with Erica Ep 5
Written by EricaCouture

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Welcome to the next installment of our web series titled, Website Makeovers with Erica, a blog article and five-minute video, which shows Erica helping an OurChurch.Com member makeover their website with our WP-EZ Website Builder.

Our objective is to provide inspiration and ideas to help you enhance your website.

In Episode Five, Erica embarks on a mission to rejuvenate the center’s design, skillfully blending elements that effortlessly engage both parents and children, leaving a lasting impression.

Who is Courageous Hearts Preschool and Childcare Center?

Introducing Todd and Marcia Brookhiser, the visionary owners of a captivating preschool located in the heart of Milton, WI. They have meticulously created an educational haven that embraces a Christ-centered philosophy, blending spiritual growth with academic excellence. With a strong desire to establish lasting connections with their beloved students, the Brookhisers are dedicated to imparting wisdom and fostering cherished bonds.

What were the issues that were keeping their website from achieving its goals of having a website that made parents want to bring their children to Courageous Hearts Preschool and Childcare Center?

Some of the issues were:

  • The website was oversimplified.
  • There were no images that showed that this was a school website.
  • The website wasn’t designed for children.

The Website Makeover Video

Note, this five-minute video has been sped up to keep the video short but if you’d like to see more detailed step-by-step instructions remember we have a library of free video tutorials to help you build the website to meet your church or ministry goals.

The Before and After

Although well-intentioned, before the makeover, the website fell short of evoking the magic and warmth that parents and children seek in a preschool experience, leaving them feeling uninspired and disengaged.

Here is what the homepage looked like before the Website Makeover….

There was a desire to infuse the website with the inviting charm and enthusiasm that reflects the genuine care and dedication found within the preschool’s walls.

Here is what it looks like now.

The End Result

The website boasts a clean and user-friendly design, carefully tailored to cater to both parents and children. Furthermore, the front page prominently features essential contact information, enabling parents to easily inquire about Courageous Hearts Preschool and Childcare Center, fostering seamless communication, and the exploration of enrollment options.

I’ve setup 3 other websites and struggled through them… [OurChurch.Com’s WP-EZ Website Builder] is fantastic and I recommend it to anybody and everybody that I can.” -Todd Brookhiser

“We also love that you’re faith-based! … That’s huge for us!” -Marcia Brookhiser

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Post a comment and discuss…

  • What do you think of the changes made in this makeover? What does it inspire you to do with your website?

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