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Resources that Boost Search Rankings, Attract Visitors, and Serve Your Community

Written by Paul Steinbrueck

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You want to create a website that you, your visitors, and search engines love, right?

Throughout this series, 10 Ways to Grow Your Love for Your Website, we’ve talked about how adding fun content and life-changing content can improve SEO and increase website visitors.

Resources are another excellent type of content that can improve your search rankings, attract new visitors, and keep people coming back.

What resources could you add to your website?

Ask yourself this question:

What problem do the people you’re trying to reach have that you can help solve?

I use the term ”problem” loosely. A resource can be any type of tool or information that help people, including:

  • Contact information for ministries or outside organizations that provide help like a food pantry, homeless shelter, pregnancy center, or Christian counselor
  • Business directory of the people in your church, school or ministry.
  • Scripture, articles, videos or books that help with specific issues like anxiety, depression, fear, loneliness, and temptation.
  • Links to tools that help people discover their spiritual gifts, understand their personality type, or assess their spiritual journey and take the next step.

For example, our team here at OurChurch.Com has created resources like The Ultimate Guide to Online Reviews and The Ultimate Guide to Church SEO to serve our community.

These types of resources should be reviewed and updated regularly.

When they are, they can provide a lot of help to people within your organization and those currently outside your organization who are searching for these things.

Online resources boost search rankings, attract visitors, and serve your community. –Paul Steinbrueck

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