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February is “Love Your Website” Month

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Love is in the air… or at least Valentine’s Day on the calendar. To love another person is one of the sweetest blessings God gives us. Not far behind that is the blessing of having a website you love. At least that what our team of web geeks thinks. 😉

Seriously though, one of the greatest gifts you can give the people of your church, school, ministry or business is a website that they are proud to share with their friends.

February is “Love Your Website” Month at OurChurch.Com. Our goal for the month is to help you take the design of your website to the next level. Perhaps that means making some minor changes to your site which you can do yourself or perhaps we can help create a brand new custom website. Perhaps you need some feedback and suggestions on how to improve your site. Or perhaps you’d like $50.

Keep reading for more on all these things!

1) Love Your Website Bundles – $50 Off!
Our Website Service Bundles are one of the best deals on the planet and a great way to take your love for your website to a whole new level. Bundles combine a web hosting package, ad-free option, domain registration, search registration and our Template Personalization Service, all at a huge discount. This month we’re giving an extra $50 off all bundles.

Now the disclaimers… This special offer is only available through Feb 28. It’s only available to those who do not currently have a bundle. And it’s not available online – you must call us at (727) 723-2454 to get the extra $50 off. Tell Debbie you want the “Love Your Website” Bundle Special!

2) Get an Awesome Custom-Designed Website You’ll Love!
If you and your organization are ready for an awesome website that is:

  • Custom designed to look exactly the way you want it
  • Has all the functionality to help you achieve your mission
  • Is easy for you to update and add to yourself
  • Can be updated by multiple administrators anywhere there’s an Internet connection

Check out some of the organizations we serve in our web design portfolio. Then request a free, no obligation phone consultation.

3) Web Development Videos
We want every Christian organization to have a website they love whether it’s provided by us or by some other means. One of the ways we’re doing that is by creating a series of videos to help “educate consumers” (that’s you) about the website development process. That way you know how to evaluate the options available to you. The first two videos have been published:

Stay tuned for more videos about website platforms, prices, maintenance, how to discuss website needs with your board and more.

4) $50 to Share the Love
When you love someone you want the world to know about it. If you love your OurChurch.Com website, we want you to let the world know. And we want to give you $50 for doing it. There are two options.

A) Follow us on Twitter and then tweet: I love my @OurChurchDotCom website – (You must use @OurChurchDotCom in your tweet so we can see it and enter you in the drawing)


Like our Facebook page and then post to Facebook: I love my @OurChurch.Com website – (If you type @OurChurch, Facebook should give you the option to select OurChurch.Com, making the “OurChurch.Com” a link to our FB page. You must do this so we see your post and enter you into the drawing. Here’s a quick video demo of how to do it.)

You may post to Facebook and Twitter once per day. Each post will count as an entry. On February 28, we’ll select one winner who will receive a $50 Visa gift card.

We love you! 🙂

Thanks to all of you who have given us the opportunity to help you achieve your mission online through our web hosting, web design and SEO services or by adding to the conversation here on our blog.  We love you! 🙂 And we hope you love your website or are taking steps make your website more lovable this month.

In His Service,
Paul Steinbrueck


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