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9 Questions to Ask a Church Website Developer Before Hiring

questions to ask church website developer
Written by Paul Steinbrueck

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Thinking about investing in a new business, ministry, or church website?

Before you choose a website developer, make sure you vet them well.

In this Website Design Frequently Asked Questions (Web Design FAQs) video blog, I address the topic 9 Questions to Ask a Church Website Developer Before Hiring 

(The article below is a summary of the video, but you’ll get more details and examples if you watch the video.)

9 Questions to Ask a Church Website Developer Before Hiring 

1. What’s Your Mission?

It’s important your developer’s mission aligns with your values. For example,’s mission is to help Christian organizations live out their mission online. Understanding a developer’s mission helps gauge their commitment to your specific needs.

2. How Long Have You Been in Business?

Experience matters in web development. The longer a company has been in business, the more likely they have a proven track record, a sustainable business model, and a commitment to their clients.

3. How Many Employees Do You Have?

Knowing the size of a web development team is essential. You’ll want to work with a company that has enough staff to ensure timely and reliable support for your project.

4. Have You Worked in My Industry Before?

Web developers with experience in your industry will understand its unique requirements. Ask for examples of websites they’ve built for organizations similar to yours.

5. What Website Platform Do You Use?

Understanding the platform your developer uses is crucial. We at use WordPress, the world’s leading website platform. Knowing the platform helps you assess its suitability for your needs.

6. What’s Your Development Timeline and Process?

A clear development process is vital to ensure your project progresses smoothly. Ask for a detailed timeline, and a step-by-step process, so you can stay informed about the project’s status.

7. How Many Revisions Are Included?

Find out how many revision rounds are included in the project. This will help you understand how many changes you can make to the website before incurring additional costs.

8. What Are Your Pricing and Payment Terms?

Discuss pricing and payment terms upfront. Inquire about down payments, subsequent payment schedules, and any available payment plans.

9. What Support Is Offered After Launch?

After your website is live, you may need ongoing support. Ask about the type of support offered, whether it’s via email, live chat, or phone, and what their availability is like.

Asking these nine questions will help you make an informed decision when choosing a website developer!

Good design is obvious. Great design is transparent. –Joe Sparano

questions to ask church website developer

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    1 Comment

    • These are such great questions to consider asking. #1 I agree is so crucial, it is important to carry certain values, standards and a “why” so to speak for why you want to serve clients. I have found that a lot of people are just in it to make some money, thats it, and you really need a lot more than that at least if you’re planning on working with other quality clients. I have been through a couple of developers initially until I landed on a solid gal to manage my business website. I think if you’re in it for a quick buck and lack integrity, honour and other important qualities, you’ll only acquire the same level of clients that end up hiring you. Great tips Mark, I’m definitely going to share this with my pastor.