Web Traffic Redirect Service

Don’t Lose your Search Rankings and Traffic and have to start over!


Did you know… when you move to a new website, the people who bookmarked your old web addresses, sites that link to your old web pages, and search engines that listed your old web pages may get errors?

Don’t let that happen to you!

OurChurch.Com’s Web Traffic Redirect Service:

We create a special .htaccess file that sets up 301 Redirects from all the URLs (web addresses) of your old site, to the corresponding URLs (web addresses) on your new site. If this sounds like a bunch of confusing, technical mumbo-jumbo, no worries…

All you need to know is we will map all of your old web addresses to your new web addresses to ensure visitors, links, and search rankings all transfer to your new site.

It’s simple, saves time, and gives you peace of mind!

“I offer my highest recommendation to Our Church. He (Paul) has a keen grasp of developing an effective strategy… of search engine optimization efforts. Many of our visitors now mention finding our church through a Google search.”

Beverly Leasher; North Way Christian Community


Beverly Leasher; North Way Christian Community

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Also… don’t burn hours of time copying pages from your old website to your new website! Get our Website Transfer Service!