Search Engine Re-Optimization

Sometimes you just need a change. OurChurch.Com understands this. That’s why we created the Web Page Re-Optimization service. If you have already received OurChurch.Com’s Progressive SEO Management service or SEO Management service, the Web Page Re-Optimization service allows you to make major changes to your web page or even create a completely new replacement web page and keep it optimized so you keep your high search engine listing.


New content is important to your visitors. It is the most common cause for repeat visitors of non-commercial sites. Think about it. Do you want to keep reading or watching the same things over an over? When a visitor returns to a website and finds that it hasn’t been updated, they are more likely to not return, even if they initially liked the website. Stale content can even lead people to think your website has been abandoned. Even consumer sites need to update their look from time to time to keep things interesting and new.

The problem with keeping your website content fresh and changing the look of your site is that it’s very easy to loose the modifications of the Christian website optimization service that you had done. It’s easy to feel trapped. You need to make changes to your website to keep visitors coming back and attract new visitors, but if your website loses it’s optimization you may stop getting new visitors as you lose your search engine listing.

Rise Above!

For regular minor changes our Progressive SEO Management service or SEO Management service are perfect, but for major changes or redesigns, you’ll need a complete re-optimization. OurChurch.Com’s Web Site Re-Optimization service is a Christian website optimization service for your web page using the same keywords your web page was optimized for previously. Keyword research is important; however, if you’ve just recently optimized your web page or you are optimized for exactly the keywords you want, you don’t need to all new keyword research. So why pay for what you don’t need. Get the same Christian website optimization service as the SEO Management service without the keyword research for half the cost.

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