Progressive SEO Management Terms and Conditions

What search engines will my site be listed in?
More than 95% of searches take place on Google and Bing, so we primarily focus our efforts on those search engines.

How long will it take before my site is listed in the search engines?
We can complete the Keyword Research, On-Page Optimization, and registration in three weeks. Because we collaborate with you and your input is needed in each step of the process, your responsiveness will impact that timeline.

When will I see improvements to my search rankings?

After we have completed the On-Page Optimization of your website, it usually takes a week or two before we begin to see an impact on search rankings. You should see some improvement your search rankings for some targeted keywords within that time frame.

For more difficult keywords, you may not rank in the top 30 for a year or longer. A major emphasis of the Progressive SEO Management service is to grow the authority of your website by adding quality content and links to your website, so that it can compete for more competitive keywords.

Building the authority of a website in the search engines takes time. Exactly how much time depends on many factors, including: how new your website is, how much authority your site has when it starts the service, how competitive your market is, what changes the search engines make to their algorithms, and more.

Tell me more about the Progressive SEO Management service.

Search Engine Optimization

We begin by doing an SEO Audit to determine if there are any technical issues that are preventing the website from ranking well and need to be resolved. Then we work with the client to resolve these issues.

Next, we perform in-depth keyword research to determine which keywords have the best combination of relevance, popularity and low competition. From that we develop a Keyword Plan. This plan will include the keywords we will target immediately as well as more competitive keywords we plan to target later in the service. The plan is designed to start increasing website traffic immediately by targeting keywords you can rank well for now as well as set a plan for reaching the most competitive keywords in your market. You and OCC must then both agree on the keyword plan.

Next, we develop a comprehensive On-Page Optimization Plan. This plan includes all the changes we recommend making to your website – both those visible to visitors as well as “behind the scenes” changes – to help improve its search rankings for the targeted keywords. You are given the opportunity to review and discuss the Plan. Once it’s approved, we will implement the changes to the website.

During the first week of each month, we create, review, and send an SEO Report containing search ranking and traffic reports.  After we send the first report, we will schedule a call to review it with the client.

Article Creation/Sharing

One strategy OurChurch.Com utilizes to add quality content, obtain links, and increase a website’s authority is through article creation and sharing. To do this, we will setup a blog on the client’s site if one does not already exist.  We then schedule a phone interview with the client in which we discuss pre-determined questions related to the client’s organization, products, services, and industry. The interview is recorded, and we use the content of that interview to write blog articles on the client’s behalf. (The audio recording is never published or shared, only used to write articles for the client.) The number and frequency of the articles is defined in the SEO contract.

OurChurch.Com also shares each of the client’s articles on up to 3 of their social networking profiles.  Usually, Facebook, Twitter, and Google My Business are the preferred social networks, but if the client is active on other social networks, they can choose others.

Typically, we can produce 10-15 articles per interview.  Additional interviews are scheduled as needed.

Link Building
Link Building is another element of the PSEOM service designed to grow your website’s authority.  We’ll get “backlinks” to your site on blogging, micro-blogging, and social sites. These links help build a base of authority to your site to help keep your link profile diverse and natural in the eyes of the search engines. The number of links acquired each month is defined in the SEO contract.

Ongoing Monitoring, Reporting, and Updates

A mistake many organizations make is opting for a one-time optimization service. The problem with this approach is that after the website is optimized, the organization updates their website, gradually eliminating the optimization changes implemented by the SEO. Additionally, Google and other search engines are constantly updating their search algorithms, which means websites need to be updated regularly to account for algorithm changes.

Our Progressive SEO Management service includes:

  • Monitoring all optimized web pages for changes. When you change, a page we’ll know about it and review the changes. If we’re concerned a change my negatively impact your search rankings, we’ll contact you and recommend additional changes to prevent that.
  • Reporting your search rankings and search traffic to you in a monthly SEO report so you can see how your SEO services are impacting your website’s search rankings and traffic.
  • Updates. If your report shows a drop in search rankings or search algorithms change, we’ll recommend optimization changes to counter those events.

Guaranteed Top 10 Rankings

We guarantee at least 5 top 10 and 10 top 20 search listings. If your website does not rank in the top 10 for at least 5 of those keywords/search engines and in the top 20 for 10 of those keywords/search engines you have two options. The first option is to continue the Progressive SEO Management service giving OurChurch.Com the opportunity to improve the clients search rankings in order to get into compliance with the Terms and Conditions.  The second option is to request a refund for the month which OurChurch.Com did not meet the guarantee.

If the client chooses to request a refund, the client is only eligible for a refund for the one month where the guarantee was not met.  The refund must be requested within seven business days after receiving the ranking report from OurChurch.Com showing the guarantee was not met.  If the client exercises the right for a refund, the contract will be voided.

If this occurs, with no contract in place, the client and OCC have the option to negotiate a new contract with new terms that may or may not include guarantees.

Progressive Optimization

As the Progressive SEO Management service continues, the client’s website will become stronger, more authoritative and able to compete for more popular, competitive keywords.

Once a year, at the anniversary of the service, OurChurch.Com will perform new keyword research and competition research. We will use the original keyword plan as a guide; however, by re-performing the keyword research we can see if search trends have changed and adjust the keyword plan as necessary. If any changes are made to the keyword plan, OurChurch.Com will contact the client about the changes and both the client and OurChurch.Com must agree on the new keyword plan.

OurChurch.Com will then create a proposal of the changes for the new optimization and send that proposal to the client for their approval. Upon approval, the optimization will be implemented in the same way that the original optimization was implemented unless otherwise agreed to by both OurChurch.Com and the client.


Additional Progressive SEO Management Information:

While we monitor your website to see if you have made any changes to it, we also encourage you to let us know about any changes you make so that we can review the changes to evaluate the effect of the changes on the optimization and determine if any modifications need to be made to keep the page fully optimized.

If you have made any minor changes, we will review the changes and if we believe the changes will negatively affect search rankings, we will contact you and recommend additional changes to maintain the optimization of the page.

OurChurch.Com retains the right to determine what constitutes “minor changes.” Minor changes are generally defined as no more than one paragraph added or changed. If more changes have been made to the page, the client will be required to order the Web Page Re-Optimization service in order to maintain the optimization of the page.

If you make major changes to your web page which require the purchase of the Web Page Re-optimization service and you do not to purchase that service, this will result in the site being not fully optimized and prevent us from being able to continue work on the optimization of your website. This does not void the contract. You are still obligated for the full length of your contract including all monthly payments. We will continue to monitor the site and its rankings and continue any services (such as link building) as we are able as well as recommend that you fully optimize the page for as long as you continue the service.

The Progressive SEO Management service is able to affect the rankings of a site through the use of search engine approved SEO techniques (sometimes referred to as “white hat” SEO). There are other SEO techniques which the search engines do not approve or specifically prohibit (these techniques are sometimes referred to as “black hat” SEO). These unapproved or prohibited methods can affect your rankings as well causing a drop in your website’s rankings or even the banning of your website from the search engines. You are free to engage in search engine optimization techniques and link building activities outside of the services included in the Progressive SEO Management service, however, OurChurch.Com does require that all of these techniques and activities be search engine approved (white hat) techniques. If you, the client, engage in techniques or activities that are not search engine approved or are specifically prohibited by the search engines (black hat) whether intentionally or unknowingly, this will void guarantee of the Progressive SEO Management service and OurChurch.Com is not responsible for any negative effects such actions may have on your website or organization. Some of these unapproved or prohibited techniques include but are not limited to:

  • Keyword stuffing
  • Participating in link farms
  • Purchasing links that do not include a nofollow tag
  • Cloaking
  • Hiding text

We encourage you to contact the OurChurch.Com team member managing your SEO service to review any search marketing strategies before engaging in them to be sure all activities are search engine approved.

OurChurch.Com will also provide modifications to the optimization of the web page as necessary to keep the optimization up to date with the latest trends and strategies. We retain the right to determine what those new trends are and whether changes to the page are required.

The Progressive SEO Management service requires a 4 month contract with the setup fee payment being made at the purchase time of the service and monthly payments being made on the service renewal date each month. The renewal date for every account is set by the date the order for the SEO Management service payment is received. Monthly payments will begin 1 month after the initial payment is received. For example, if you place an order for the SEO Management service and pay for it on May 12th, then your first monthly payment will be due on June 12th and monthly payments will continue to be due on the 12th of each month thereafter for the duration of the service. In some cases, the Progressive SEO Management service may be purchased as part of a bundle or package with other services. In those cases, the SEO Management service payment requirements are defined by the parameters of that contract.

OurChurch.Com requires a 4 month contract with the Progressive SEO Management service. In this 4 month contract, you (the customer) agree to continue the Progressive SEO Management service for at least 4 months (Set up payment and 3 consecutive monthly payments). The service can be cancelled, however, under the following terms: If client wants to cancel the service, client must submit the cancellation request in writing by email to or by postal mail OurChurch.Com Inc, 1906 Firefern Ct Ste 107, Trinity, FL 34655 and receive confirmation from OurChurch.Com acknowledging the request has been received and processed. The client is offered an opportunity for a discount off the set up cost if they commit to a one year contract. In the client commits to a one year contract and the service is cancelled before 12 consecutive monthly payments have been made, the customer will be charged any amount that may have been discounted off the setup fee and an early cancellation fee equal to half the cost of the remaining months. (For example, if you cancel your Progressive SEO Management service ($499/month) 6 months early, then half of the cost of the remaining months would be $1497. Note: The price in this example is just an example and not necessarily the actual price of the service.). Other processing fees may apply as well. If the customer cancels the Progressive SEO Management service early, OurChurch.Com will charge early cancellation fees to the credit card used for the original payment or the credit card currently setup for the auto-recurring billing. If neither of these credit cards is active, valid, or the payment cannot be processed, the customer must provide payment via a different credit card, check, or money order within 15 days of the request of cancellation. If the contract is violated by non-payment, the customer will be required to pay the amount owed for those unpaid months for which the service was performed. The customer may be given the opportunity to resume their service at that time at the discretion of OurChurch.Com, or the non-payment may be treated as an early cancellation with all early cancellation fees applicable. After a cancellation request has been received and all fees and payments have been received, OurChurch.Com will process the request in no greater than seven (7) business days, after which OCC will cancel client’s service and no longer charge client the monthly fee.

OurChurch.Com requires auto-recurring monthly billing with the Progressive SEO Management service.  OurChurch.Com will automatically bill the same payment method each month.  If payment method used to make the initial payment becomes invalid (cancellation, expiration, etc.) it is your (client’s) responsibility to contact OurChurch.Com with a new valid payment method.  The Progressive SEO Management service requires a 4 month commitment; however, the service is not limited to 4 months and may continue after 4 months. Once that 4 month commitment is completed, OurChurch.Com will continue to perform the service and bill your payment method each month until the service is cancelled by the client. If client wants to cancel the service, client must submit the cancellation request in writing by email to or by postal mail OurChurch.Com Inc, 1906 Firefern Ct Ste 107, Trinity, FL 34655 and receive confirmation from OurChurch.Com acknowledging the request has been received and processed. After a cancellation request has been received, OurChurch.Com will process the request in no greater than seven (7) business days, after which OCC will cancel client’s service and no longer charge client the monthly fee. Notification of cancellation must be received BEFORE your service’s renewal date to prevent that month’s payment from being charged to your credit card. OurChurch.Com will not refund the monthly payment if you contact us on your renewal date or after.

Payments for the monthly management service will begin one month after your initial set up payment is received. The initial optimization takes 3 weeks. However, during the initial optimization process there are several points where we require a response from you, the client. These include our requests for you to complete the information form at the beginning of the service, approve the recommended keywords, provide text (not always required), and approve the proposal of the optimization. If delays in our receiving a response from you cause the initial optimization to take longer than the normal 3 weeks, the monthly payments will still begin the month after your initial payment was received, regardless of whether the optimization has been completed.

All search engine optimization services provided by OurChurch.Com are intended to improve the search engine rankings of the optimized web page. OurChurch.Com is only responsible for improving the search engine rankings within the Guarantee (when applicable). The improvement in the search engine rankings typically will increase the traffic to the optimized web site and the increase in traffic may also increase the sales or conversions on the website; however, there are many factors outside the scope of OurChurch.Com’s search engine optimization services which contribute to both increased traffic and increased conversions. Therefore, OurChurch.Com is not responsible for an increase in traffic, conversion or sales.