Privacy Policy

Last updated: March 22, 2024

This Privacy Policy has been updated to be compliant with the GDPR (the European Union’s Genera Data Protection Regulation). It describes the information we collect, how we use and disclose such information, and the steps we take to protect such information.

1) The Information We Collect

  • Automatically collected visitor data
  • Email subscriber data
  • User registration data
  • Customer payment data
  • Communications data
  • User service data
  • Client data
  • For Apps (Android and iOS)
    • Push notifications
      • The app can receive notifications and use an unique and anonymous identifier (UID) provided by Apple (APNS) or Google (FCM) to receive the notification.
    • Permissions
      • The app can use the CAMERA permission to scan QRCode (no data sent over the network).
      • The app can use the LOCATION permission to work with the maps.

1.1) Automatically collected visitor data

When a Visitor visitors or any associated websites or apps (Android or iOS), we may automatically record certain information from the Visitor’s device by using various types of technology, including cookies. This “automatically collected” information may include IP address or other device address or ID, web browser and/or device type, the web pages or sites visited just before or just after using the Service, the pages or other content the Visitor views or interacts with on the website or app, and the dates and times of the visit, access, or the website or app. We also may use these technologies to collect information regarding a Visitor with email messages, such as whether the Visitor opens, clicks on, or forwards a message. This information is gathered from all Visitors.

Our websites or apps are integrated with Google Analytics, which means Google is also allowed to automatically record the data cited above.

This data does not include any personal identifiable information. It is collected for the purpose of improving the user experience and performance our websites or apps.

1.2) Email Subscriber Data

OurChurch.Com operates several email subscriber lists.  Email subscriber data includes the name and email address of an individual is collected when a visitor voluntarily subscribes to one of our email lists. This data may be stored on one of our secure servers or with a 3rd party email service provider.

All email messages we send and email lists we manage are compliant with the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003. This means all email messages we send include an unsubscribe notice and link, and all requests to unsubscribe will be honored within 10 business days.

1.3) User Registration Data

OurChurch.Com provides services which require user registration.  When registering, Users voluntarily provide data including but not limited to name, postal address, phone number, email address, how you heard about us, and if you’re over the age of 16.

User Registration Data is required to provide restricted access to services such as web hosting, web design and search engine marketing.

User Registration Data is occasionally used to contact users about changes to the services we provide and new services when they become available

User Registration Data is not shared with any 3rd parties except when OurChurch.Com partners with a 3rd party to provide an Add-On service. This currently includes domain registration service (provided by eNom).

OurChurch.Com reserves the right to form other Add-On service partnerships in the future which may involve the sharing of User Registration Data. OurChurch.Com will notify users of any new partnerships. Users should refer to the privacy policies of these companies to learn more about how they handle User Registration Data. includes Enom’s “ID Protect” service in its domain registration service. This prevents Users’ contact information from being publicly displayed in “whois” searches.

1.4) Customer Payment Data

Customers who utilize paid services provided by OurChurch.Com voluntarily provide credit card payment information or echeck/bank payment information.

Payment data is securely transferred utilizing SSL encryption technology from the customers web browser to OurChurch.Com’s server and the 3rd party payment processor we use (

If the customer opts to have their service automatically renewed at the end of each term of service, payment data is stored securely on our PCI Compliant server in the United States for this purpose.  Customers may request to have payment data deleted at any time.

Paying customers may opt to have their payment data not stored and their service not automatically renewed at the end of each term of service, however, additional fees may apply to cover the additional cost of processing the payment data each term.

1.5) Communications Data

OurChurch.Com uses a variety of methods to communicate.  Text media such as emails, text messages, help desk tickets, live text chats, contact forms, blog comments, and both public and private social media posts including attachments are saved for the purpose of providing superior customer service and used for reference in the case of any disputes or misunderstandings.

In accordance with US law, phone calls may be recorded. Each caller will be notified at the beginning of the call that it is being recorded. OurChurch.Com staff may take notes and save those notes for the purpose of providing superior customer service and used for reference in the case of any disputes or misunderstandings.

1.6) User Services Data

OurChurch.Com provides website and app services to Users including web hosting, website design, and search marketing services. Our staff and the online tools we have developed request the User Services Data necessary to provide these services. 

User Services Data includes data to be publicly displayed on the User’s or Customer’s website or app including the name of their organization, address, phone number email address, and other information about their organization. It also includes web page content such as page titles, page text, photos, audio, and video.

Users should understand that once User Services Data is displayed publicly on a User’s website or app, that data can be viewed, saved and reproduced (legally or illegally) by anyone.   OurChurch.Com will delete any User Services Data from any OurChurch.Com websites or services at the verified request of the User.  However, OurChurch.Com takes no responsibility for the public disclosure of User Services Data, and does not have the ability to remove any User Services Data that may be reproduced by a 3rd party, whether that is done legally or illegally.

For example, if a User uses our website builder to publish a photo, the user can delete that photo or request OurChurch.Com delete the photo from the OurChurch.Com service. However, if someone saves that photo and publishes it on another website or app, that is not our responsibility and we cannot do anything to remove it.

OurChurch.Com saves User Services Data for 6 months after a User’s service is cancelled or suspended. After 6 months it is deleted. 

1.7) Client Data

OurChurch.Com creates and manages websites and apps for its Users and Customers.  These Users’ and Customers’ websites and apps may also collect data from their visitors and users.  We refer to this data as “Client Data.”

Client Data includes automatically collected client data that is recorded in web hosting logs, and includes no personally identifiable data. We may automatically record certain information from the Client Visitor’s device by using various types of technology, including cookies. This “automatically collected” information may include IP address or other device address or ID, web browser and/or device type, the web pages or sites visited just before or just after using the website, the pages, apps or other content the Client Visitor views or interacts with on the website, and the dates and times of the visit, access, or the website or app.

Users and Customers may collect other Client Data such as user subscriber data, contact form data, prayer request data, and blog comments.  The collection, storage and use of this Client Data is the responsibility of the User/Customer.  Each User/Customer is responsible for creating and publishing their own privacy policy. Visitors to each User/Customer website or app should refer to the privacy policy on that site for information about how that User/Customer collects, stores and uses their Client Data.

2) Data Retention

We will retain your data for no longer than necessary, taking into account the following:

  • whether we have any legal obligation to continue to process your information (such as any record-keeping obligations imposed by relevant law or regulation)
  • whether it is necessary to continue to store that data in order to continue to perform our obligations under a contract or our terms of service agreement
  • whether the you have requested your data to be deleted

You have the right to request your data be deleted. However, if we are legally required to keep some of your data (e.g. transaction data for financial/tax regulations), that legal requirement trumps your request. If we have to keep your data to be able to continue to provide a service, you will have to cancel the service before your data can be deleted.

A request for data deletion does not void a contract or terms of service agreement. Refer to the cancellation policy in your contract or terms of service before requesting cancellation as it may include information about penalties, cancellation fees and notification requirements.

3) GDPR-Prescribed Rights for EU Citizens

Subject to certain limitations on certain rights, European Union citizens have the following rights in relation to your data:

  • to request access to your data
  • to request the correction of your data
  • to request the deletion of your data
  • to object to the processing of your information for certain purposes
  • to withdraw your consent to our use of your information at any time where we rely on your consent to use or process that information. Please note that if you withdraw your consent, this will not affect the lawfulness of our use and processing of your information on the basis of your consent before the point in time when you withdraw your consent.

4) Data Controller and Contact Information

If you have any questions about this privacy policy or you wish to exercise your rights prescribed in this policy, you may do so by writing to OurChurch.Com, Inc. 1906 Firefern Ct #107, Trinity, FL 34695 or sending an email to support (at) ourchurch (dot) com


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