Page Speed Optimization

Does your website seem to take forever to load?  If your website is slow, you could be hurting your website’s rankings in Google and you could be losing customers.  Slow websites frustrate visitors, causing many visitors to leave.  Also, if your website is very slow, it can be penalized by Google and the other search engines.  Lastly, the slower your website is to load, the lower your conversion rate.

Don’t Worry!  We’ve Got Your Back!

Just because your website is slow now, doesn’t mean it has to remain slow.  OurChurch.Com’s Page Speed Optimization service improves your website’s page speed, making your visitors’ experience better, increases conversion rates, and keeps your website from being penalized by Google and other major search engines.  Our service includes:

  • Scaling website’s images to their optimal sizes. Most websites upload large photos but display them in a smaller view causing the website to download a larger file than necessary.
  • Processing/compressing images to make them optimized without destroying the quality of the images. This makes the total download size of the website smaller.
  • Consolidating scripts, styles, and files so a minimal number of files will be requested from the server – and therefore less server load and faster website response time.
  • Implementing a method called “lazy loading” so images will only be downloaded when they are necessary e.g. when they are in view. For example, if you have a homepage with many content sections, the images at the bottom of the page won’t be loaded unless the user scrolls down to see it.
  • Disabling plugins on a page if they are not being used on that page (if necessary). For example, if the homepage does not have a contact form, the Contact Form plugin and its codes/files won’t be loaded. This decreases the files being downloaded and faster load time.

Some companies charge $3,000+ for their page speed optimization.  However, we understand that many organizations do not have thousands of dollars to spend on page speed optimization.   We also don’t think that every page on your website necessarily needs to be optimized for speed.  Although there are always variables that can impact the cost to perform page speed optimization, OurChurch.Com charges $499 for most homepages and $199 for most internal pages.