What is a Christian or Church Website CMS?

  • Church Website CMSContent Management Website Design integrates interactive components like audio, video, photo galleries, eNewsletters, blogs, event registration, shopping carts, and much more to give all the elements of your website a consistent look and feel throughout your website.
  • A Christian or church website CMS integrates all of the components into a single, site-wide user registration system so that visitors to your website don’t have to register separately to use each component.
  • Our simple CMS solutions integrate all of the components into a single administrative tool that can be administered with no knowledge of HTML or coding.
  • Content management website design allows you to control who can view each page and component individually, enabling you to have pages/components that can only be accessed by registered users or administrators or staff.
  • Content Management Website Design allows you to delegate management and publishing responsibilities to staff or volunteers by allowing you to assign administrative access of each page/component to a different person.

Custom Design Church Website CMSWhat features are offered with a Custom CMS Website?

Please go to the Design Price Sheet for a list of features included in our Content Management Website Design packages. To view all the available features of a Custom A La Carte Website go to our Free Consultation Request Form, select “I want to choose my features”, and submit the form. The features list will follow.

Tell me more about managing access for users, volunteers, and staff.

Our Custom church website CMS give you the ability to decide who can view each page and feature on your website as well as who can modify and administer each. That means you can do any of the following:

  • Give staff access to update just the content of their department.
  • Create members-only pages that only paying subscribers can view (perfect for magazine or newsletter sites).
  • Give volunteers the ability to moderate forums without giving them access to change any of the website (great for youth ministry sites).
  • Create private pages, calendars, and forums for internal use that only staff can view (great for any organization).
  • Set up a web log (“blog”) for the CEO, pastor, or principal that allows them to easily add to their blogs directly without having to go through the webmaster.

I’ve never managed a website before, and all the features sound complicated to use

Don’t worry. That’s why we call them “simple CMS solutions”. Not only are our Custom CMS Websites very intuitive, but we also include online video tutorials to teach you how to manage your new website. In addition, we offer one-on-one phone training. Our training is very hands on. Not only do we explain the steps to maintain your website but you’ll also gain the experience of adding and changing the content of your website while one the phone with one of our designers.

How much will a Custom Church Website CMS cost?

To get this information, please go to our Custom Design Homepage so we can determine which CMS website is best for you. Or fill out our Free Consultation Request Form and an OurChurch.Com representative will contact you to answer any questions you have.

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