Church Domain Registration

church domain names - .church domain registrationYour Christian ministry, business or church domain name is a big part of your identity and brand.

  • You engrave it on your signs.
  • You publish it on your print materials.
  • You say it every time you make verbal announcements.
  • And the people who see and hear it will have to try to remember it and type it into their web browsers.

So, yeah…

Choosing a good, short, memorable church domain name is really important.

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One of the biggest developments impacting church domain registration was the introduction of new Top Level Domains (TLDs), including .church domain names.

Because just about every church has a website, and many churches similar names, it can be difficult to find good church domain names that aren’t already registered by another church. But the new TLDs now provide new options for churches beyond just .org and .com, including .site, .faith, and .church domains.

There are lots of organizations that provide church domain registration, and even more specifically .church domain registration. So, why choose OurChurch.Com?

5 Reasons to Choose OurChurch.Com’s Church Domain Registration

1. Better Support – If you get your website from one service provider and your domain registration from a different provider, sometimes when there’s a problem with your website the two providers will blame each other leading to longer down time. When you register your domain name and build your website with OurChurch.Com, you’ll never have that issue.

2. Simplify – When you do your domain registration and website with OurChurch.Com, you only have to work with and pay one service provider, which simplifies things.

3. Identity Protection – Did you know that when you register a new domain name you have to provide your name, address, phone number and email address, and normally all of that info is made public? Spammers scoop up that info and within hours you could be getting tons of spam emails, calls and texts. OCC includes Identity Protection with every domain registration, hiding that info from the public and protecting you from spammers.

4. Quick and Easy – It takes 30 seconds to register your church domain name as you go through our super-quick and easy process to order and build a church website.

5. Shared Faith – As a Christian organization, we share your faith and your values. When you order your church domain registration with OCC, you can be sure your money isn’t going to fund trashy Super Bowl commercials, porn sites, or causes that conflict with our values.

To register your new church domain name and build a new website, go to our Website Builder page and SELECT your website package.

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We also provide domain registration for schools, businesses and ministries with great TLDs like .school, .biz, and .faith

Got questions? Read: Church Domain Name FAQs