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In celebration of Internet Evangelism Month, this is the fourth in a 15-part blog project discussing the book, @stickyJesus: how to live out your faith online.

How sweet are your words to my taste, sweeter than honey to my mouth! ~Psalm 119:102 (NIV)

Buzz got it’s start in the Garden of Eden when Eve recommended the apple. ~@stickyJesus

Adam and Eve were in a relationship.

Eve tasted the forbidden apple.

It was sweet.

So she told Adam to try it.

And he trusted her.

So he ate, too.

Flawed fruit.


The number one reason people buy or try something is that someone they trust told them to do so. ~@stickyJesus

It’s called “buzz.”

Word of mouth marketing.

And customers are bees that taste and spread.

Jesus was the Buzz Master.

People swarmed after Him.

And spread the word.

If Jesus had a website today, it would be sticky.

Visitors would camp out there.

Because His message is sweet.

His stats would surpass any system’s ability to measure.

Suffice to say that if you add up your friends, followers, and RSS blog subscriptions across the Web, then one blog, post, video, sermon link, tweet or post could easily reach tens of thousands of people in one given day. ~@sticky Jesus

We have the sweetest, most sticky message of all time.

And an amazing ability to spread it.

We can build relationships.

We can build trust.

We can taste and see.

And we can share the buzz.

The wise counsel God gives when I’m awake is confirmed by my sleeping heart. Day and night I’ll stick with God; I’ve got a good thing going and I’m not letting go. ~Psalm 16:7-8 (Message)

1. What aspect of this chapter was the stickiest for you?

2. How can we be channels of trust online?

3. Can you recall a time when the buzz from someone’s online words sweetened the bitterness of a bad day?

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    About the author

    Sandra Heska King

    Wife, mom, grandma, nurse, Bible teacher, writer, blogger, and deep see diver who looks for the extraordinary in the ordinary and the miraculous in the mundane. On Twitter as @SandraHeskaKing and at


    • Sandra, as always, your prose capture and catapult the heart of any message. I never thought of that before but YES — If Jesus had a website today, it would be sticky. Visitors would camp out there. Because His message is sweet. His stats would surpass any system’s ability to measure. May we all follow the Master of the Stats! He continues to make waves and change lives in every nook and cranny of humanity. I love that this community understands that we get to be in the presence of that miracle every day. Thanks for the beautiful post!

      • What an awesome thought, Toni. That we get to be in the presence of life-changing miracles every day. Because we carry the Miracle Maker within us. We can get so caught up in measuring our stats that we forget the miracle-making power of one post or tweet that can change one that can change many.

        And by the way, one of the reasons you are a channel of trust is because I know you spend a lot of time in the hive. With Him. Before heading out into the nooks and crannies to do His work.

    • Sandy – what an elegant way to unpack this chapter. I love how you cast Jesus in our current culture for context. He is with us always – as He promised. And today, by the power of the Holy Spirit, we are equipped to build relationships and trust that have eternal impact, face-to-face and online.

      From what I have experienced, a big part of building trust is 'showing up.' When we are consistent – in time and message – people learn they can count on us. Engagement is also another part of it, especially when it comes to building a relationship. Jesus was always on point and met people where they were. He fully engaged and was just as remarkable to one as He was to many. He was consistent in both message and action. Because of it, he created this enormous buzz and with it came great anticipation and hope. What a lovely way to reflect on this chapter – there is texture in your text.

      • Some days it's hard for me to embrace the fact that I have kingdom power because He reigns within me.

        Jesus was on a mission, but He always stopped to engage and touch the one. He was"as remarkable to the one as He was to the many." We can block the buzz if we get so caught up in our own missions and in following the "leaders" that we neglect to stop and build relationship with the one–right where they are at.

        That "showing up" thing is so true. I often get messages about how someone looks forward to my morning tweets. And since reading this book, I still engage in healthy online fun, but I'm much more aware of my words and the need to be consistent in my (His) message.

        • Sandra, love this reply! It really is all about "the one," about noticing and "seeing" with the heart through eyes of compassion and a heart of love. Excellent reminder this morning. Thank you.

    • I think Jesus has a website today @toni – it's Him through us. Look at the amazing voices out there via blogs, twitter, facebook, etc – all proclaiming our personal victories through Him. We are His "buzz generator" nowadays. We have the ability to influence others, whether or not we know them personally, or ever get to meet them.

      That's why our words matter, specifically our FOUR R's – reviews, ratings, recommendations, and rants. I know I personally put weight into the r's from friends when it comes to purchases. We must not poison our voice with matters that distract from His Kingdom's advancement.

      • Thank you, Bruce, for inserting the 4 R's here. Personally, I like to stay away from the rants. 😉

        Interesting that our evaluation of the R's is so often based on a 5th one–relationship. And ultimately it all comes back to Relationship so that the our words become His words.

        We are Jesus' webmasters. What a holy responsibility!

    • Sticky aspects of File 4:
      1.) "Jesus was outrageous. Not a freak or a rebel, but a Savior: He turned heart inside out and rocked the status quo so hard that even stone hearts shattered." "You have the opportunity to give voice to the supernatural acts of God in this day and age." These sentences make my heart flutter – like a bee's wings. Just like your post Sandra. Sometimes I have to pinch myself and I can't believe it is real that God chooses me (imperfect as I am) to be His voice in these days. What an honor.

      2.) Channels of trust? By remembering Phil 4:8-9 when I post things.

      3.) Pete Wilson of Cross Point Church in Nashville is someone I started following last year. His tweets are wonderful (@pwilson) and inspiring to me. Through his tweets I found out that he wrote this book called Plan B. I won a copy of it and started reading it. Then something happened in my life where I was literally living a "plan B". My life took a different turn which was very painful at the time. I felt like it was interesting how God directed me to follow Pete and then to read his book. Pete Wilson has sweetened the bitterness of a valley journey. BTW…coming out of the valley now with God's timing. Amen

      • It boggles my mind, too, Sarah that He has called us by name to this place at this time. That He has connected all of us here in this way. That He uses us, His hammers, to shatter stone hearts.

        Philippians 4:8. A thought frisking. Before we board Cyber Air. 😉

        I'm so grateful for Pete and others whom God uses to sweeten the bitter. Jesus is all over the Internet though people like Him. Who would have thought?

    • Hey Sandra! Your post is beautifully stated and sticky 🙂

      One of the first thoughts that popped in my head while I was reading your post was, "O taste and see that the Lord is good…" Psalms 34:8. When we offer someone a taste, it's usually a small amount. If the tasting experience was good and pleasing to them, they will want MORE. Twitter is training me in how to offer a taste in 140 characters or less. I'm praying the taste I offer is effective and leaves ppl wanting more 🙂

      There were a couple of Sticky points from ch 4. (btw, my kids and I love saying sticky! It has taken on a whole new meaning since this project).
      1. As a child of God, I'm in the Kingdom business- my assignment is to communicate hope, truth, and life to the world.
      2.Trust. I cannot create a buzz or build relationships without trust. Jesus is trustworthy! When Jesus says it is good, it is!
      3. I am always amazed by the testimonies of the real ppl who are connecting and growing their faith in the digital world. The @woldprayr story brought it home.

      The first blog I think I ever read was called "Crazy Believing Testimony" by Kim Cash Tate. I had been ferociously pursuing a career in television media. I had auditioned twice for the Oprah's "Have Your OWN Show" national search. I was incessantly posting my resume on job boards for Turner, Disney, and local television stations- but nothing. Rejection stings and I know it comes with the industry territory. Nonetheless, I was feeling really defeated, and silly ( should I even be dreaming like this at my age?). One day I was on Twitter and picture of Kim popped up as a suggested follow. I clicked on the pic and then clicked on a link to her blog. I read, I sobbed, and I began to follow Kim on Twitter. The buzz of her testimony still sticks with me today 🙂

      P.S. Sandra, I love how you tied in Psalm 16:7-8 from the Message Bible. I call the Message translation, the break-it-down version. It gives me that K.I.S.S. that I so need. :-))

      • Kim is indeed a honey bee! I Another genuine and trustworthy messenger. I wonder if her ears are buzzing now. 😉

        You are right. A taste might be all someone can handle at once without being overcome. I love the analogy of how a 140-character taste can eventually lead someone to the hive.

        Aren't you glad that He gives us our dreams and that He never rejects us? One of my favorite quotes is from George Eliot: "It's never too late to become what you might have been."

        Of course, we know that God is never late. His timing is perfect. And He usually works things out much better than we ever could.

    • I loved the visuals provided in this post! Jesus's message is sweet and that is why it is attractive to those who are looking, and in some cases, even those who aren't. They are just pulled in by the power of his love-wrapped words. If Jesus had a website today, it would have to have a ton of developers, because it would have a ton of hits! I think of John 21:25 where John says Jesus did so many things, the world would not be able to contain the number of books that should be written. Jesus would have more Facebook friends and Twitter followers than any celebrity. I know I would be waiting for his status updates!