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How to Integrate Internet Technology in the Church Ministry

Internet Technology in Church Ministry
Written by Chasing Hope

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How is your church experience, fellow Christian? Do you sometimes feel like it is not that interesting anymore? Especially in this time of the pandemic, a lot has changed. Hence, you are longing for something new. How then should the church deal with it?

The Ideal Church Experience for Christians

The church is God’s idea. It is through which He manifests in our Christian life. Through this, we worship and reconnect with Him.

The church is there for a purpose. It teaches us lessons from the Bible. Also, we develop our relationship with Him and other people. At the same time, it establishes our faith. 

More importantly, the church instills in us the value of service. It gives us opportunities toward fulfilling our calling and mission. Thus, we solidify our identity as individual members and as a church.

God intends for the church to be a home of spiritual revival. Mainly, it is where one can find encouragement through the study of the Word. Also, he finds a sense of community through the fellowship of the members.

With all these, God also wants the church experience to be fun. Thus, dull worship is never His intention.

The Challenge of Shifting to the New Normal

It has been our custom to attend church face to face. We would shake each other’s hands and talk to each other. Also, we used to listen to sermons and engage in discussions physically. Therefore, we knew no barriers to communication and fellowship.

However, an unexpected occurrence changed the world. This pandemic crisis has affected our worship and outreach gatherings. But despite the new reality, God’s work should continue. Indeed, the urgency challenged us to use digital technology.

However, the adjustment was not easy. Specifically, most churches had no access to the Internet. They did not have digital media. Besides, most members lacked skills in computer technology.

Integrating Internet Technology in the Ministry

Know the Advantages of Internet Technology

1) It is cost-efficient.

You may think that investing in digital technology can be costly. In fact, yes! However, the investment is worth it. You can save time and effort using the Internet for church programs.

2) It provides a vast reach.

The Internet is accessible in any part of the world. Learning to use it allows connection to thousands of users. Social media platforms can help a lot. Just imagine the endless possibilities it can offer!

3) It provides easy access to information.

The web unlocks access to as much information as you want. With just a few clicks, it brings you to various sites answering your questions. However, you, too, can be the source of information. After all, the Internet is a sharing platform. You give and take.

4) It allows communication.

The Internet allows virtual interaction and sharing of contents. It maintains connections among members. Eventually, it extends outside the church. Good thing! It keeps innovating. More and more improvements come along the way.

5) It helps improve programs and services.

Social media platforms can boost fundraising efforts. There are websites providing solutions for effective marketing. Also, financial transactions are now a lot more convenient. It is possible because of online banking.

Create a Digital Media Team

A digital team comprises volunteers. They handle digital communications and marketing. Also, they are in charge of audiovisual production. It is necessary for both recorded and live-streamed services. Hence, their skill in the Internet and computer programs is essential. It is vital for the virtual life of the church.

Build a Church Website

1) Wix

This website builder is best for the overall website building experience. It has hundreds of designer-made templates that are customizable. 

Moving on, it has free and reliable hosting features. Besides, there are free fonts, text and image editors, and the like. You can also enjoy multiple payment methods and marketing tools. Aside from this, there is site analytics.

2) Weebly

This builder is useful if you are building on a budget. It has templates, a photo gallery creator, and audio or video players. It includes a form builder and web traffic indicators. Besides, there is an integration of shopping cart and checkout. You can also find free blog templates with features for sharing. 

3) Our Church 

Evident from its name, this builder is specific for church websites. It offers web design, hosting, and SEO.

With the WP-EZ Website Builder, this site makes website building fast, affordable, efficient, and convenient. It results in a gadget-friendly website look. Precisely, it fits the view on a computer, tablet, notebook, and smartphone.

Significantly, this builder gains positive reviews. For instance, Kevin Frontier of Emmaus Church mentions that it is efficient and responsive. It provides him a powerful tool for outreach. Also, Robert David Jones of Bethlehem Baptist Church commends its creation and hosting services.

Run Programs Using Video Conferencing Applications

1) Zoom

This application is a popular and commonly used video conferencing software. It has rooms for meetings and chats. You can host video webinars. Also, there is an option to live-stream on Facebook and YouTube.

2) Google Meet

This video-conferencing application is easy to use. It accommodates an unlimited number of meetings. Its features include live captioning, screen sharing, and messaging. Moreover, you can adjust layouts and screen settings. Also, you can control meeting hosts.

3) Streamyard

This application is a great live streaming buddy. It allows unlimited streaming of up to 10 participants. Also, you can record the stream for up to 4 hours. Besides, you can play with different logos, overlays, and backgrounds. 

Promote and Connect Through Social Media

1) Facebook

This platform is an excellent tool for social interaction. Interestingly, it also works well for marketing. It provides a news section, wall, and timeline. There is also a medium for messages, comments, reactions, and so on. 

Interestingly, you can create a page. It provides the church a digital presence. It has tools to grow the business. Besides, you can connect with people and manage interactions. 

A group is another space for building a network. You can add people with similar interests. With this, the church can discuss and share topics with the members.

2) YouTube

This site is a popular and commonly used platform for sharing videos. By creating a channel, the church can upload video content. It can be on any topic. Also, it can stream its worship services live. Viewers can watch your programs at home. 

Users can like and comment on your videos. They can also share and subscribe to your channel. Doing so helps grow your content and build a family of supporters.

Our Take-home Lesson 

Indeed, evangelism should go on no matter what. Nothing should hinder the work that God has entrusted us.

We never expected this health crisis. It brought about changes in our customs and traditions. Unfortunately, it did not exempt the church. It has had negative impacts. However, it turned out to be a blessing. It challenged us to be creative and resourceful. 

We gradually learned to adapt to the situation. Hence, we maximized the use of the Internet. It offers more than what we think. The Internet provides almost everything to improve our online church ministry. 

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The possibilities are just at our fingertips. It only takes one to explore and discover.

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