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Written by Paul Steinbrueck

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i heart bloggingOne of OurChurch.Com’s goals for 2010 is to help Christian bloggers take their blogging to the next level.   So, we’re going to try something new we hope will lead us towards that goal.

We’re giving away free web hosting to Christian bloggers.

If you’ve been using a blogging platform like or this is your opportunity to move to a hosted WordPress blog.  Or if you’ve been paying for hosting and would like to eliminate that expense, you can do that too.

We want to offer free hosting to as many bloggers as possible.  However, even more than that we want to make sure the transition is a good one and that means gradually ramping things up.  So, we’re going to start with a small contest.  If it goes well, we’ll find more ways to offer most free hosting to more Christian bloggers.

Free Blog Hosting Contest – Post Your 2010 Blogging Goals

If you haven’t already done so, take some time to write out your 2010 blogging goals and resolutions.  Remember, good resolutions are S.M.A.R.T. Post those goals along with a link to your blog as a comment to this post.  The blogger whose goals/comment gets the most replies in the next week will win free hosting.

Because we want to encourage all bloggers to post their goals and we don’t want this to be just a popularity contest, we will also randomly select another blogger who posts their 2010 blogging goals to receive free hosting.  Each reply a blogger’s goals receive will give them another entry into this drawing.

Deets on the Free Hosting:

  • The two winners will receive OurChurch.Com’s Silver Hosting Package which includes 6 GB of disk space and 50 GB of bandwidth
  • We would love to say this is free hosting “forever” or “for life” but since we can’t predict the future, let’s just say the free hosting will continue indefinitely.  If for some reason down the road we decide to discontinue the free hosting program, we’ll give you 3 months notice.
  • The hosting account is to be used exclusively for blogging.  This not an opportunity to get free hosting for your business/ministry/church website and then throw a blog up on it.
  • There are no strings attached.  We hope the winners will love our hosting enough to participate in our partnership program, but there’s no obligation to do that or even put a link to OCC on their blog.

Rules for the Contest

  • Only one reply per IP will count.
  • We encourage you to tell your readers and friends to post a reply to your comment by writing about it on your blog, Facebook, Twitter, email, etc.  However, any attempts to game they system by spamming or using automated means to generate reply will disqualify that blogger.
  • If you want to direct people specifically to your comment, you can get the URL for your comment by right clicking on the link next to your name saying how long ago the comment was made.
  • Contest ends Tuesday January 19 at noon Eastern time.

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    Paul Steinbrueck

    Paul Steinbrueck is co-founder and CEO of OurChurch.Com, husband, father of 3, blogger. You can follow him on Twitter at @PaulSteinbrueck.


      • Because:
        a) I work with Carla
        b) I asked her to reply to my comment and
        c) her comment references my lack of posting (although I did post twice today already)

        I think her comment should count towards my reply count even though she did not click the reply button 🙂
        Just saying 😉

    • Here I am 🙂 Holding thumbs for you Ron, and when you win that competition, we want BLOGS EVERY DAY lol.

    • Well here goes! First a disclaimer. I am a Christian and I blog, having said that I am not sure that qualifies me as a 'Christian Blogger'. While I do blog every now and then about things directly relating to Christianity, it is not the theme for my blog.

      About goals for my blog (and I am sure this is going to disqualify me)…

      I am not sure how easy it is to set goals for a blog. I can't make people read or comment on my material. I am not sure I even blog for other people, it is more for myself. But, since I started blogging in January of last year, I went through a few months of blogging once a day (sometimes more), and then my second child was born, since then my activity has been sporadic and infrequent.

      So I think the big goal for me this year is to regularly post 3 posts a week (I know nothing like setting the bar high (lol).

      So go check it out and if you want to hear more from me, leave a reply (here or there), cause if I win free hosting I will have to post more often (even if it just to assuage some guilt.

      • Hey Ron, nice to meet you. Thanks for participating. Interesting point about goals you can control vs those you can't. I think setting a goal of 3 posts per week isn't bad. That's one of my goals for my personal blog as well.

        BTW, sorry about the problem with the link. I will contact IntenseDebate about that and I'll also see if there's a way to move replies so they fall under your comment. If not we'll still count them. Good luck! 🙂

        • Thanks Paul.

          I just started reading this blog a few days ago after being pointed here by Phillip Gibb. You have some interesting articles and I am amazed at the debate you started around churches that are rising or falling in influence.

          And for the record. I <3 my HOT wife.

      • luckily even your infrequent posts are mostly interesting.. but 3 posts a week would be good and perhaps you should bring back some of the old classics 🙂

      • Hey Ron,
        I must admit that I only follow two blogs, and yours is one of them. I am always impressed at the topics you choose to write about – I find them very interesting.
        I am holding thumbs for you 🙂

    • My husband LOVES blogging. Personally, I don’t get it, but I reckon this is because I suck at writing, while Ron’s blogs are funny, informative, interesting, and usually get me thinking about topics I would never think about! I have never been bored by what he has published, and I particularly LOVED the posts at

      🙂 He he he

      Go get em babe!!

    • I'm posting at the last minute because this contest has caused me to carefully think about my blogging goals.

      I have three blogs right now: two of which I'm already self-hosting. (,,

      I did set some goals for this year:

      1) Increase writing income.
      To accomplish this one, I need to write. I also need to showcase my writing. I do have a website that is in need of updating and repair. A more personal blog would allow me to have have more free flowing conversations and serve as an online clips portfolio.
      2) Regular blog posting.
      I originally thought this would be once a week, but that's too much right now. I've changed that to twice a month. To further accomplish this goal, I need to have a blog postings ready to go, rather than waiting until blog day and trying to hammer something out.
      3. Finish ebook.
      This is probably the weakest of my goals since I'm not sure which one to finish first. A personal blog that is not subject specific would allow me to see what direction I want to go, and what readers are really interested in.
      4. Continue WIP.
      One of my blogs focuses on my major work in progress by building a platform and allowing me to see more view points on the subject.

      Thank you for the opportunity to enter the contest, and to work through my goals and how to accomplish them.